Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rest lu~~

oh man~ tired!
3 weeks gone after my previous post

day 4/12 until day 7/12
Tnd diabolo camp~
the very fascinating diabolo camp of every year
there were less people there this year, but the fun never less

during the opening ceremony

the giant group foto

camp activities :P

1 week after Tnd camp
the NTU Diabolo camp!
thanks jl for bringing me along with lun going there, kekex
5 hours drivin is pretty tire man
(sry ya~ no pitca for this)

lastly, the Genting Diabolo Competition
that just ended at 20/12
we yp team was doing the crew-ing job, hehe~

crew card~


the camp gal~

newspaper oso got

haha, from nw on, no more activities bah~
time to rest... havin sore throat and massive pimples d, T.T

Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Building

It's quite a while after my last post.
Last week, went to a camp organized by school SPBT club.
It was so much fun, but in exchange, I've missed out the birthday party of m.ting and coach. (sorry)

We're staying in a camp site, so called 'Sufes Campsite'.
It was location around the cameron highlands.

my tent
We're all overnight-ing in tents!
and everyone builds their own tent. (freaking right?)

40 peoples are going on this camping.
8 groups is divided and each group shall have equal conditions.
I'm damn lucky eh, group-ed with all people that I knew.

my team
This is my team~
and our team got the 1st place of the overall group performance through the camp. (no idea how)
but damn happy la

"whole family foto"

showing off :P

And lastly~~


Monday, November 16, 2009

Dreams in November


Happy trip yesterday, with the PIZZAHUT~~
It was 15/11, our team went to the so called, KL Pac to watch the hand percussion's performance.

Before that, we were all gathered at centre.
As the climax arrive soon, it was 17 ppl going and there's only 16 ticks.. haha
Fortunately that there's still places around our sits. (Pray~~)

As the venue was KL Pac, it was known as some what performing arts centre.
It was a artistic hall.
It was rather a quite high class place to go, be sure to visit it once when you're able to.

The show started.
The starting was quite interesting as the lights on and off can go on for 15 mins. haha..
Here comes the exciting part, drums!
Quite disappointing as we're not allow to take photo of the show.
Their moves and formations are amazing.
Thou shall pay no less attention.
However... howev..er..
As the show goes on, it was getting softer and softer.
I looked back and saw Jia Jun napping.. @@

-- Intermission 15 minutes --

The second part of the show starts.
It goes on more exciting.
Seems that there's something unique going on.
3 men are posting... for 20 mins.. haha..
Then it comes to the climax part.
But this time they're using canes instead of the 'drum stick'.
It was pure beauty.
Likes their ending very much heh.

In overall, the show was good.
But the artistic part of the show made me confuse.
It challenges your mental of thinking of the show.
Might watch it the second time if there's a chance, for sure!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Mate in 1

Haha, 1 more week of exam to go.
What's coming up soon is Biology, Additional Maths and those papers 3. :\
A hectic memorizing week is to be expected. xD

Account exam for me today.
I was damn lucky, most of them got imbanged. hehe
Slept for hours today, too tire.
Probably because of the lack of sleep in the previous days.
I still recall that I slept at 4 am for the chemistry revision. zz

Nite just now, played a game of chess with hou.
Surprisingly,  I won. (Haha)
The last move was shown as above. ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009


Doing addmath revision

First week exam, ovvveerrr!! :D
That's all for my BM, Math and my Moral. Fuuuuuu~
Now's the time for other subject.
The most critical thing currently is study.
However I'm updating my dusty blog here. :P

Many major subs in the in-coming weeks.
English, Sej, Kim, and Account. =D
It was so exciting.
Things go from bad to worse, I haven't start my sej revision.
Cham lo.............

Many things happen lately, but nothing more serious than...
Damn... Don't know it was lost at where also.
Tak ada jalan, bought a new at jusco. It was Rm30. (Expensive..)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Code Geass : Lelouch of Rebellion R2

It was 1230 now.
Perhaps, someone finished job adi and heading home now.

Every time I tend to update my blog, but lazy to do it.
And I've no idea why I'm not lazy now. :P
This is the 70th post already.
I wonder time goes swiftly.
It's also undeniable that there's fun within it. xDD

After so long, finished download the R2!!
And just finished watching it.
My comment of it wasn't much differs from the previous, but enhanced.
It was a great anime, never lose it.
Total of 50 eps was not a waste time for me, perhaps.
And it was so sad, so touch, so exciting within it.

Zero's Requiem
destroy and recreate.

Damit, tears again. :P

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Felt stress-less in the small moment.
Everything is going fine, and not really fine.
Exam starting in the week after school starts, haven't study. :P
What to do? I'm lazy.

Went center at 3pm+, saw zhuang just coming down from ktm centre. :P
We ate lunch at jusco.
Thou should eat much. ^^
Practice at center from 4-930. Omg.
It was a really nice place for practice thingy, no matter diabolo, dance or jugs.
Love it ! ^^

4D O_O

This rather looks lame:P

No event at morning today, I sleep till 1030. xD
Happy sleeping, sad sleeping.
I hit and injured my bone at the side of my pelvis.
Laying down with that side down was horrible.
Whole night only 1 position to sleep.

Going tuition at noon, everything is going according plan.
After tuition, went jusco buy stationery.
Wonder why there are so many people at jusco, no matter what day.
Finally I came up the main point, I forgot wear shoes.-.-
A pair of slippers on my foot.
Was planning to straight go dancin after that, but....
Damn, take bus went back home change shoe then head back to tren.

You're great.
Believe it, everyone shall acknowledge that themselves are great though.
I've achieve my target sooner than I expected.
Learning swipes. ^^

It was 845 now.
Preparing to go tnd. (thou gotta felt happy ya!)
Not going tuition for today, but it was rather harsh for me.
Just made decision ytd night.
Everything is going right today, no exception!

Study bothers me.
Why am I lazy?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It was my live, along with animation.
I've no idea when I started it, when I loved it. :P
Anyway, I just love it, pure love.
As we human aren't god, but we wish to be so.
Along that, we comfort our mind throu our eyes.

Downloading the on-demand anime of mine lately.
Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion
It was another great anime, not in aspect of art but plot.
It happens to be a brilliant high school student received a part of god's power.
He, will to archive his will to avenge his mother and the peacefulness of his sister against the country.
The show develops as he loses precious things in the path of his will.
Its just pure touch.
Cried a few times when watching the show. :P

By comparing it the animes I watched previous, this was a top 1.
Recommended for anime fans!
Yet wait to download R2!! =D

Thanks to it though,
I did relaxes myself.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Raining, people waiting outside..

Haiz, nothing I could do more than just 'haiz-ing'.
I knew I shouldn't blame much, but my luckiness is really in the pit bottom of the well.
I could be myself well.

Morning went top play basketball and it was well crowded.
Other than that, it wasn't a very bad day, though.
I arrived earlier than I expect, was just playing with them, the other gang in our school.
They might weren't that well on studies, but awesome in basketball-ing.
Played 1 game with them, before my gang came.

Then I just mix back with my own origin gang.
I, actually hate my own attitude.
It wasn't much but too playful, too 'over', too irritated and too alert.
I'm just thinking too much.
If got chance, might I apologize to you for my faulty words, Tien Jing. ^^
and for those whom I hurt without any intention.

Damn, I'm blaming luck again.
I wasn't able to score more than 10 balls today. OMG
What happened to me?
Even throwing from the bottom of the ring, failed too.

Raining so often lately.
I believe that rain wasn't bad though, but an opportunity to refresh.
Either the environment, the plants, and even washing off dust everywhere.
Having muscle cramp, not even able to walk for half an hour.

Thursday, September 17, 2009



So many things to do, so many things haven't do;
So many things I wish to do, so many things I failed to do.

Life isn't great, when stress come in hand.
Everything is a compete, I shall not lose.
In the deep thought, I may not be the first, but I must not be the last.
How to cope up with it?

Started my holiday today. ^^
Thou shall relax~

Pity hing and chard gonna go school;
but more pity yan for aeroplaned by ...

What shall I do by now?
Study? (Lazy, and due to the massiveness of things to read)
Practice? (Loved it, but lack of space... by contrast, hate it)
Play? (No people online to play with me)
Chat? (Lack of social communication skill, a failure)

By the end, I'm just not doing anything with much and much of excuses. :P
Things that bothers me currently, if not the exam the held soon enough in weeks, it was the bc society thingy.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Dancing Breaking!
Learning combos now, damn excited. = =
Everything is going hard, practice is essential to success.
Balancing balancing and balancing. >.>
Falls falls and falls. <.<>

Gained technique of the combo from theses injuries.
It worth, really worth!

However, physical injuries can easily be healed.
Injuries within heart are scars that never worn off.
Felt the feeling of the past year just now, in the small room.
Am I really that unforgivable?
What shall I do?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famine 30

Went to the camp, it was so much fun.
Even though hunger marches its way to us, our will to survive will never run off!

Before The First Day
It was 21 today, the camp is starting tomorrow right at 12 noon.
Everyone is encouraged to reach HELP College and register himself before 10am.
Jeff and I, was the lonely guy that have to go alone, since those gals' car are all full-housed~
Night at 8, Jeff came my house to overnight as it is more convenient for us to travel tomorrow.
Shared my room. :P (Even thou it is so small)

First Day
Woke up at 630 today.
Brushed our teeth, packed everything, head on for our breakfast!
My dad brought us to 1 of the seafood restaurant at Aman Puri. (Lol)
Yea, their dim sam was not bad, but the cooking is so damn 'fast'.
Our meal took us 1 hour. -.-
Then we head to the college straight away.
It was 930 when we reach there.
There wasn't much people, as Ee Ling haven't reach there also.
----- W.A.I.T -----
Finally they arrived.
We went to register, let the guy check our temperature, sprayed our hands with the super cleanser. :P
Then we're all seperated in groups.
There're about 10 peoples in group, and there're about 60 groups out there.
It was so crowded in the under tunnel.
We're in the group 57!

The group number board. ^^

As we're all separated into groups, our group only have 6 people. (In less of 4)
We're gonna have some outsider in our group. ^^
The first guy come was Ang!
The dude that look so cute, but actually he participated the camp in the past 2 years.
I believe he's quite experienced, right?
Take a look at him~

Caught playing hand phone. xD

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Equation of Success ( II )

Back from the Equation of success part 1, we now have our equation of success part 2 !!
It is not only the form 3 standard linear equation but something more complicated.
Logarithms! xD

practice Success =

When we derive it, it will become:

Practice ^ ∞ = Success

The meaning behind this should be pretty easy and self understanding.
We need to practice practice and practice in order to success.

Words of wisdom by someone:
Practice might not success, but success might not lack of practice!

Friday, August 7, 2009


My form 5 is destined to be changed?
Was elected for the chairman of the chinese society.
Was damn shocked when they wrote my name there.
It was so unexpected as I just did nothing to the society. *omg*

Was it that everyone with nice funky talking will be elected?
A busy exciting year awaiting me ahead!
+u Kentz!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everything is happening as it should lately.
Still having some symptoms of flu even after sick. >.<
Having slight cough every night.. thou should cut off the ice drinking!

Everyday, I'm just so rajin in copying back my exercise.
Last but not least, I manage to update 80% of my lost work. ^^
Patching up everything isn't that easy as you think.

Today's Thursday already, saturday coming soon~
The booklet, I haven make. >.< Will do in it tomorrow, hope so it will be sufficient and I manage to finished em up before sat. :P
Everything should be going smoothly, no more conflict!
It's just explanation and demonstration happening during sat, everything will be OK!
Gambateh Kentz!

Yaping's making new shirt! That's finally out own team costume!
And our logo should be approximately like this:
Cool right?
Guess who's body in use? xD

Read someone's blog, its too late to apologize.
I believe you should know who am I referring to, and who I'm telling this to.
Probably I don't know much about what happened.
But these words bare in my mind:多一个朋友好过多一个敌人
Peoples make mistakes. Probably we should forgive?
Great princess attitude won't bring us to anywhere, even when we're adult and in the social life.
Sorry if I offended anyone. I'm not intended to do so.

Flu is getting serious and serious lately.
Seasonal flu is going on and everyone is having cough and sneezing.
It should be a normal to sight a pedestrian coughing all along the road.
But be cautious everyone! H1N1 is disastrous, belum kena belum tau, satu kali cuba tak mau pun mesti mau.
Once kena adi, your lifespan might be a fullstop.
Becareful everyone!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

PC ● Sick ● Projects

Everything is going from bad to best!
My pc is fixed. ^^
What's funny that, my processor didn't burnt.
And what I do was only replacing my board.
*My board was the one that broken down. :P

Nextly, I was recovered from my illness!
What a feel of refreshed and importaness of health.
Such peoples says that health or wealth.
Nothing can compare to health.

Moral projects again.
What I did was, finished copying all 8 essays and everything goes well.
Took a few lame foto, but compulsory for my project. >.<

Monday, July 27, 2009

Performance ● Suck ● Dinner

Owh my god. It was the first ever in my life.
I failed to catch it and it flew to 1 of the.. big guy.
Feel so ashame that it hit the participient. >.<

Morning that day, went to basketball with my dudes.
Just played 1 match then headed home adi.
Then I've to rush for my Sej tuition.
After that, went jusco and had lunch with my mum.
It has been quite something that we had meal outside together.

Then gone to the bustop and wait for yeah's car.
Headed to SMK Jinjang for rehearsal.
Actually the rehearsal was like nothing much actually. :P
We run our performance once then head to eat adi. (Again!)
Then headed to yeah's house for a bath then go back to the hall again.
At the night, everything started.
The programme was abit lame but actually nothing too bad larh.

The thing that makes me anger is when I'm going back home.
It was 11.3x already.
Not much bus is passing by, taxi is my only hope.
Asked a malay guy:
I: Bang~ Ada jalan?
he: Nak ke mana?
I: Taman Ehsan..
he: Er.. taman eihsan..?
I: Kat situ! (I pointed finger at the position)
he: Oh, Oh.. Taman Ehsan lapan ringit!
I: okay okay, kasih~

I was damn angry lol..
Lapan ringit I can go to jinjang again lol.
Then luckily, another taxi comes by, it was a chinese driver.
Really thanks to the uncle as he charged me as a normal taxi charging.
Headed home for only rm4.4. xD

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~Compacted Life~

Everything is compacted.
No time to waste.. Not enuff time to spend..!

Tomorrow is the final day of the monthly test, was.. so excited lol?
Everything is just so lame.
Bm paper write 1 ransangan for 100%, AddMath 4 question.
Physic was 4 question also, but hard as hell.
Probably can't ride on lucky seven for my physic. :/

Ok next, for my grilled computer.
I should be the moment for me to resurrect you! (Yeah~)
Picked my demanding model, its time to bargain!
Lets see:

This is my lovely motherboard which I'll be getting in a week or two. ^^
Thanks to king who picked the model up for me, and kwei for recomending me asus.
Thou onBoard graphic worthy of a rm 200 graphic card. xD

And my processor was:


Tada~! the Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor.
Used Intel for years, time to try something new!

And lastly, what I demand was you to not left me alone.
I've waste too much opportunity.
No more wasting!
I don't want you to leave me!
I love you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shock ● N ● Unpredictable

Was shocked, shocked.. really shocked..
That bothers me my whole journey back home.
It's just throughout my head all along.

She tells me that I'm "r.u.l.d" or something similar.
Don't really understand what the term she said, I asked if it is "rude", but not..
It means that I'm talking things regardless the situation.
Ex: ..

That reminds me back, what I don't wanna remind back.
Gor told me before such things.
The same meaning, same tone, and same subject.
I should mind my words and tones when talking.
Probably I'm just too wild in conversation or what..

'Probably you can make friends by such attitude, but you may not achieve anything higher than that. For instance, your boss is not gonna bring you out to meet anyone just because of your behaviour'

It was not what I want.
It was not what I demand.
It was just out of expectation!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yea~~~ Ponteng skul hari ni..

I was so tired that I wasn't able to get up for skul.

Yesterday just back from Genting.

Gone to genting to vacancy for Clown. *hehe

Meet the big evil clown:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got great times at the Genting.

When performing at the outdoors, the wind was so strong and we can't even perform swiftly. T.T

Yeah's solo performance was so great also.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank You

Finally, I'm back from Taiwan.

It was a wonderful trip.

Taiwan was a really great place, that I'll return.

Much more things to write afterwards.

The main thing, in the competition, our group got 1st place! (Hurray~)

And also, I get the 1st place in the group of under 16.

And lastly, thanks for you guys de comment!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beh Songz!

Long time never beh song like this..
That time really feel like banging my dear out to em.. Farker..

Why the heck I wanna receive such harassment?!
Why me?

I'm just, care-less about how you guys look on me,
care-less about small issue you guys done to me.
I just don't mind grabbing the rubbish out of nowhere, help yours everywhere.

But why, my rebate was such awful environment to me.
Why won't you guys try to refrain my pride?
You do have pride, why not me?

Made up my mind, I'll do what I said.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Artist - Madcon

Name - Beggin


[Tshawe Baqwa:]


Put your loving hand out, baby

I'm beggin

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

Ridin high, when I was king

Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything

Walked away, won me then

But easy come and easy go

And it would end

[Yosef Wolde-Mariam]

[Tshawe Baqwa:]

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out, baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

[Yosef Wolde-Mariam:]

I need you, (yeeah) to understand

Tried so hard

To be your man

The kind of man you want in the end

Only then can I begin to live again

[Tshawe Baqwa:]

An empty shell

I used to be

Shadow of my life

Was hangin over me

A broken man

Without a throne

Won't even stand the devils dance

To win my soul

[Yosef Wolde-Mariam]

[Tshawe Baqwa:]

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out, baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

[Yosef Wolde-Mariam:]

I'm fighting hard

To hold my own

No, I just can't make it

All alone

I'm holdin on

I can't fall back

Now that big brass ring

Is a shade of black

[Tshawe Baqwa:]

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out, baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out, baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out, baby

Beggin, beggin you

Put your loving hand out darlin

Friday, June 19, 2009


Please.. forgive..

I knew I have no reason to beg for your forgival.

But really sorry..

I hate myself, hate my uselessness.

Cried over the night for it.

Poor relationship leads to my fail in my achievement.

This may contribute to even major failure to myself.

Just by getting 3 green diabolo..

By first, anyone wanna lend me?

I fail to find even 1, hardly able to face back myself in the mirror.

Thorns are growing everywhere on my path.

I'm used to it, if it is harmless to me, though..

Everyone has got em's origin to get.

Everyone has a 'home' to ask help from, where are mine's?

I got no home already.. not once before..

rm 80 x 3 = rm 240

Friday, June 12, 2009


I've really done a lot sacrifices..

I, can miss out my tuition class. (And get replacement if possible)

I, can ponteng my school period.

I, can even lay down my pride and try to mix into the group.

In the long run, I might doubt my act.

How is my sacrifices worthy to myself?

I'm confused. (Again..)

Wad da hell i'm rumbling in my mind.

Why i'm just so depressed?

Why i just can't take it like how i face my school friends?

*it was your fault for not grouping me in*

*it was your fault..*

*your fault..*


*but i'm*

Sunday, June 7, 2009


W A D A H E L L !!!

What the farking hell, we got second?!.. damn big shock to me, and to you too, right?

and the champion was awarded to the.. hell.. noob.. boring.. BAND?! BB~ BRA-ss Band!

Not to say that I was not willing to lose, but lose to such.. damn dissapointed.

Just because that you guys have more and more fanz in the room.

Com'n! PK with points given by judge larh, scare ah

Even when tell ah gor oso shame..

"We lose to a band.."

Duno gor got what response lol, if he don't know that the point was given by audience.

After back home, told my mum that we lost.

She was like .. "ofcourse will lose larh"...

Her explaination was much more.. like.. idealable?

She said that..

Since we.. are both champion adi..

Why give us champion again?

Com'n give another chance to other people bah~~

Moreover, she said something more lame.

The champ get rm300, 1st runner get rm 150 and 2nd runner get rm 100.

Total of 550.

Where da hell they get so much money? Of course will got sponsor larh.

Probable that the sponsor is the.. champ?

(This reason was damn stupid from what I think)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giving up

Yea, Give up.

Whenever we meet something that we hardly able to achieve, we rather choose to give up on it, than try even more hardly to overcome it.

This is.. reasonable? Right?

Its been almost 3 month I started by B-boy lesson. :P

First, was thought it would be that fun.

As I was a beginner, what I learn should be what a beginner move too, of course! :P

I still remembered, that my first day, was just training 6-step, and coach taught me turtle and frog stand.

Somehow, they were all super duper ultra noobie skill.

Was so easy to catch up with it.

After that, we learnt handstand, elbow stand and head stand.

Then freezes such as chair freeze, shoulder freeze.

Not to forget about One-step, Two-step and also Three-step.

Feeling like one-step was just a rubbish move lol, hard + tiring + boring. :P

Was so fortunately, I was able to stabilize my Headstand, All Freezes and All Steps. (Yeah xD)

And, also unfortunately, I was unable to stabilize my Handstand and Elbow stand. T_T

They was so hard, and I dump my whole body to the floor hundreds of time.

I tried to practice it whenever I could, such as.. Monday.. But not that fortunate.. I can't..

The feel of Give Up came across my mine lol.

This feeling occur before in the past, when I was also having a hard time training diabolo. (Haha)

I overcome it, and I'm having a happy moment playing diabolo, hope so with my Breaking. ^^

+u to myself

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last day of May

Now is 8.21am.

I was just finished my bath and drying my hair currently.

Prepared nothing to my practice, later.

Just because that I left my love in yu's car yesterday. ^^v

Later 10.30, I and Yu will head to super, for our quarterfinals match.

Somehow, I was thinking that, it was a talent show.

But it's abit harsh, even cosmetics can take part. = =''

Com'n, wish me good luck later. ^^


Walao, today morning, wanna go tuition there for their quarterfinal.

Somehow, I think there will be alot contestant geh, but... only small cats 2-3 there.

I was feeling swt-ed.

When started, we was placed at the 5th contestant to perform.

Before start ours, we saw most of em in the starting.

Their show was just... swt

Something that's more swt is - the marks is given by observer that day. :O

That day will be around 80+ observer, and only 8 teams of competitors.

To make things worst, out of 8 teams, 5 teams are lenglui. WtF?!

Then that day, something like "Ei! That team that gal lenglui eh, vote em lorh!" surely will happen. : /

Other than that, next week go de observers mostly are form 1-2 and 3 de students, I've got none supporters lol.

How.. To.. Compete.. ?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ali Project

My new source of songs !!


Similar to JAM Project, but somehow this band sings towards mysterious theme and JAM do the opposite.

Tones are unique.

Anyone interested can go youtube view some of their video clips lol. ^^v

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Equation of Success

The Equation of Success

Practice + Thinking = Success

After years of diaboling, what I was doing was just practice practice and practice.

What's wrong with it? Isn't just practice good enough?


Somehow, these might just be my taught, or even just my experience... :P

When we're just practicing, we're just giving training on our physical body but not our virtual memory.

Without supports from these two category, we're hardly able to succeed anything.

When we inverse the equation:

Success - Thinking = Practice

Practice = Success - Thinking

When we're just practicing, we may success, or may not...

The reason is, it lack of thinking.

We hardly able to achieve the technique of certain achievement.

Lets inverse it abit again:

Thinking = Success - Practice

Success - Practice = Thinking

Lets see, it shows that even without practice, we can success too.

But it is not...

Just trying to achieve an achievement without practice is nearly impossible.

Even thought Thinking and Practice should be done equally, but just by thinking without practicing is impossible to success.

Lastly, the final phase of inversing the equation:

- Practice - Thinking = - Success

This is shown obviously! :D

Without any practice and thinking, there won't be any success.

To success, there must be practice and thinking.

Gambateh, you can do it, Kent!

ㄨ ЌέЛŦ ㄨ

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Even tried before grilling things?

Like, grilling fishes to eat, and so on.

In my condition, I don't grill fishes.

I grilled my computer. :P

Was feeling like so fed up after heard that technician guy tells me that my processor and motherboard get burnt.

My 3 years old ++ MB and PentiumD just gone as nothing.

Probably fortunately, my data in hardisk could preserve.

Was luckily that I stores all my files in local disk D and when replacing the hardware, I only need to format my local disk C.

Currently, I was using the lausy notebook left down by my dad.

This laptop, lives even longer than my pc. (LoL)

It, has a pentium !!! + 256mb ram, damn "fast".

The glorious view of my alternative:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The End (..Of First Week)

Lol, this would be my first time to blogged using english, haha.

Why? Was just too lazy to use chinese as it take time to search among words. :P

My mid-term examination, ended, for teh first week~

Was, feeling... not so good.

Biology was a hardship on me.

Now abit regret not to transfer to maju in the beginning. zz~

Moreover, staying here is much more boring that I expected.

Teachers come in lectures then out, in and out.

Just nothing more boring than nothing may entertaint me.

I desire the exciteness of the previous years.

We rush out homeworks, projects, presentation out of no time.

Haha, that was memorable.

In the following week, there will be Additional Maths, Sejarah and also er.. Chemistry?

Sejarah was my nightmare, among those. -_-''

Just because, I was so lazy to study, that's all.

However, I was feeling happy as in, my another world.

Why seems so? No idea.. haha..

We're having chats out of no where.

Really, really, and really hopes these relations will be strengthen from time to time.

And, a few weeks before, I had gone to IR Day of SMKK.

For perform lar of course. Hehe.

We, met the famous ECX and teh Ultimaxx.

Pictures of em~ (Edited just now, :P)

ㄨ ЌέЛŦ ㄨ

Saturday, May 9, 2009





毕竟,我在分配时间过程中是相当失败的。 = =

后天考试了,我还可以写blog, 玩铃。



这个星期里,多多少少也要谢谢yan 啦。

yan 叫我教她,顺便的,我也复习了一份。






google了他们,找到他们的friendster profile.( http://profiles.friendster.com/elecoldxhot )




本来今天一点到两点半有Add Math补习。


那里,真的是... 环境优美到....

想着想着,才想起今天有add math补习。

Tuesday, May 5, 2009




也让我醒悟, 他永远不是我...



ㄨ ЌέЛŦ ㄨ

Thursday, April 30, 2009












“C a e l y g i r l 。” !



Caelygirl 是卖内衣裤的公司。





男人和女人的關系一旦走得近了,女人就希望男人什麼都不要隱瞞。搜樂論壇: t: ~9 b& ?$ R/ p) y



男人夾了公文包,擠上公交車,三站後下來。他在公園的長椅上坐定,愁容滿面地看廣場上成群的鴿子。到了傍晚,男人換一副笑臉回家。他敲敲門,大聲喊:“我回來啦!” 男人這樣堅持了5天。
1 U( u* q% P! T  m 1 d& P0 t8 O& u& Q4 d1 U! ~5 m( O2 e6 C' M- J4 [9 v/ R8 ]0 E8 [1 o

5天後,他在一家很小的水泥廠找到一份短工。那裡環境惡劣,飄揚的粉塵讓他的喉嚨總是干的。勞動強度很大,干活的時候他累得滿身是汗。組長說:“你別干 了,你這身子骨不行。”男人說:“我可以。”他緊咬了牙關,兩腿輕輕地抖。男人全身沾滿厚厚的粉塵,他像一尊活動的疲勞的泥塑。
* [: @1 X7 H; w1 a2 k  c* g

下了班,男人在工廠匆匆洗個澡,換上筆挺的西裝,扮一身輕盈回家。他敲敲門,大聲喊:“我回來啦!”女人就奔過來開門。滿屋蔥花的香味,讓男人心安。飯桌 上女人問他:“工作順心嗎?”他說:“順心,新來的女大學生挺清純。”女人嗔怒,卻給男人夾一筷子木耳。女人說:“水開了,要洗澡嗎?”男人說:“洗過 了,和同事洗完桑拿回來的。”女人輕哼著歌,開始收拾碗碟。男人想:好險呢,差一點被識破。疲憊的男人匆匆洗臉刷牙,然後倒頭就睡。
( a6 ^) g& ~. o2 H: Y! T

男人在那個水泥廠干了二十多天。快到月底了。他不知道那可憐的一點工資能不能騙過女人。那天晚飯後,女人突然說:“你別在那個公司上班了吧,我知道有個公 司在招聘,幫你打聽了,所有要求你都符合,明天去試試?”男人一陣狂喜,卻說:“為什麼要換呢?”女人說,“換個環境不很好嗎?再說這家待遇很不錯呢。” 於是第二天,男人去應聘,結果被順利錄取。

那 天,男人燒了很多菜,也喝了很多酒。他知道,這一切其實瞞不過女人的。或許從去水泥廠上班那天,或許從他丟掉工作那天,女人就知道了真相。是他躲閃的眼神 出賣了他嗎?是他疲憊的身體出賣了他嗎?是女人從窗口看到他坐上了相反方向的公共汽車嗎?還是他故作輕松的神態太過拙劣和誇張?他可以編造故事騙他的女 人,但卻無法讓心細的女人相信。

其實,當一個人深愛著對方時,有 什麼事能瞞過去呢?男人回想這二十多天來,每天,飯桌上都有一盤木耳炒蛋。男人知道木耳可以清肺。粉塵飛揚中的男人需要一盤木耳炒蛋。有時女人會逼他吃掉 兩勺梨膏。男人想,那也是女人精心的策劃。還有,這些日子女人不再纏著他陪她看電視連續劇,因為他是那樣疲憊。現在男人完全相信女人早就知曉了他的秘密, 她默默地為他做著事,卻從來不揭開它。事業如日中天的男人突然失業,變得一文不值。這是一個秘密,是男人的,也是她的。她必須咬著痛,守口如瓶。她不能讓 任何人知道,包括制造秘密的男人。

. G, [8 o8 Q- U4 R, mwww11.liferelax.net : u' h1 H2 H2 l( ?+ [ ( r5 H+ M# f  Ywww11.liferelax.net9 X3 N6 s/ ^3 z( l/ p6 S8 O- m


2 U1 r8 x7 }+ D3 k. Y2 t3 r搜樂論壇- {. V! V! ^5 B; I/ @, |% I' }0 l


" e: _( y, m/ d0 {! [5 x# f! k% n, o: \, |# T

www11.liferelax.net0 J$ ?6 p, Q7 s$ T& F

5 K- E: L$ z# ?% z# g+ C. Q

www11.liferelax.net% |3 F+ H' Q: k  }% v" n6 R* Z4 k

. n5 R$ B8 S( p

3 [. Y" i/ Y7 i- Y& F


今天她問我,為什麼總要搶在她前面 洗澡,我沒有說實話,因為我怕她難過。……廁所裡很冷,但我知道,在一個人淋浴完以後,那裡面的溫度便會升高一點點。我想,那樣的話,她在洗澡的時候,應 該會感覺暖和一些吧。……在這段艱苦和寒冷的日子裡,我想,至少我還能送她這一點的溫暖吧!



6 @* {+ H& `- t 2 K+ |/ p% C+ E$ |) r( k搜樂論壇 ! \6 f7 ^: H  ?/ z9 z ' v9 U) x% B! }; Jwww11.liferelax.net搜樂論壇: \9 Q1 Y: U8 Q1 \2 x  `0 C. K*

Sunday, April 26, 2009






我和扬庆partner 练四龙互抛。


至少还成功两三次整套互抛动作。 (开心~)





练完团体,大家就可以解散了。 (蛮快的)





我超无聊,玩玩L-kick, 叫恒宇拍下来。 (超难看的)

Friday, April 24, 2009

The One







Thursday, April 23, 2009







那时,你问我 “是不是她?”


想也没多想就回答 “是” 了。









Monday, April 20, 2009





考试格式与正式SPM 考试格式没两样。


我到现在,所有的课程都blur blur地的。



Moral, Sejarah, Biology, 背死人地。








就连我的补习老师也说过:You just need to study for passing the examination only..



























Sunday, April 12, 2009






转去ulu, 离开tE.


应该,是Form 2 吧?









你神圣妈妈持有神圣的surat rasmi, 有着神圣的签名。