Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daorae Korean Food at Kepong

It's pretty odd to read me posting about food but this one is exceptional.
Korean food may be very different style of meal to us in Malaysia, however, we cope with it very quickly.

This very good evening I've been to the Daorae Korean Restaurant located at Kepong Metro Prima.
Right beside Carrefour where it is placed.
The condition was lovely and the waiters were doing their job right!

Beware, extreme food awaiting to be served.
Foods were not as cheap as road side hawkers, but it deserves its value.
It is yummy and yummy to be said, nothing to complain about their rice, noodles as well as their pickles.
Free tea service is available for your thirsty appetite.

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送到医院,医生说,再迟来一点,人就玩完了,而且,极有可能得到破伤风。在给他缝针之前,医生让他签生死状。 在医生给他缝针时,谢霆锋就那麽看着,不喊、不叫、不哭,没有打麻醉针,就那样一针一针地缝着。一个17岁的少年,知道自己面对的是怎样的人生。他知道,哭是没有用的。





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Monday, October 29, 2012

Eat Money #OnlyInMalaysia


The greatest country may be lead by the greatest leader all time. But when things goes wrong, it may create hilarious item of history to the people.
How ironic to tell that Malaysia's politic is going rumble nowadays and the central government is losing its faith over people.

Let's make changes!

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Oppa Gangnam Style Acoustic Cover by Steph Micayle

Video Description:

Decided to give PSY's Gangnam Style a go. And just in case you're wondering, no, I can't speak Korean. Took me quite some time to learn the lyrics, so please forgive me for any pronunciation mistakes (; Enjoy this one! (:

"Joshua Simon - Gangnam Style (Acoustic Version)(PSY)"

Steph M.

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Steph Micayle is famous in the net, not too long ago although she has been uploading covers to youtube since recent years.
But what makes her a BANG, was her Gangnam Style Acoustic Cover which heats up all social platforms by sharing her music videos.

Here's an exclusive memes from me :D

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Squirrel stuck in Skull Halloween Decoration

The animals are celebrating Halloween with us.
Squirrel, you did that right!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Voice of Angel, Jayesslee cover Payphone by Maroon 5

Video Description:
itunes - http://bit.ly/KPHbUK 
alternative to itunes - http://bit.ly/KJoG8L

Hi guys,

We love this song and had a lot of fun doing this one. We hope you all enjoy and it will be on itunes very soon. 

We are also TOURING ASIA & AUSTRALIA! For tickets and more information visit www.jayesslee.com/tours.

Love you guys! 

SINGAPORE | May 4th & 5th | (SOLD OUT) 

PERTH | May 19th | (SOLD OUT) 

SYDNEY | May 25th | (SOLD OUT) 

MELBOURNE | May 26th | (SOLD OUT) 

PHILIPPINES | June 21st | http://bit.ly/HMUfdh

INDONESIA | June 22nd | Tickets Coming Soon 

MALAYSIA | June 23rd | http://bit.ly/KMMtGm

THAILAND | July 27th & 29th | Tickets Coming Soon 






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Friday, October 26, 2012

I bet you see it Wrong!

A very good hand bag that I've misread on the first sight to this image.
Share this image if you like it :D

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

LowyatNET is Down

The giant Malaysia Forum website - Lowyat.NET is down today.
It is very sad to tell but thousands of deals and sales might need a pause when this giant platform is offline today. 
Bless it and hope it will get online very soon. 

Instead of Lowyat, can you guys list out some other popular forums in Malaysia?
Please comment!

New iPad replaced by New New iPad

After the recent keynote announce by Apple hours ago, Apple had made a great lush in the Tablet world by announcing the iPad Mini.
However, along with the iPad Mini, Apple announced updates from few of its product but today we're not gonna talk about the keynote.

It's about the initial 9.7" iPad!
As reviewed in the keynote, a newer 9.7 iPad is announced with minor updates like improved wifi as well as better LTE wireless to the iPad. 
But the main thing was, the Lightning slot which Apple wants for all its device have it!

Being a little confusing in the keynote, this newer 4th Generation is actually replacing the 3rd Gen iPad in all.
No more 3rd Gen iPad will be produced and now all selling is this 4th Gen iPad, iPad 2, and also the brand new iPad Mini.

"In any case, Apple has confirmed that the New iPad has been discontinued. While Apple will not be selling new versions iPads any more, they will be selling refurbished ones starting from $379. Refurbished units get a new case as well as a new battery, so they are pretty much as good as new. However, these will only be available at Apple’s US online store."

Source : LowyatNET

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Smart Guy escapes Saman with Physic

Never afraid when you're halt by a traffic police when you're cruising happily on the road, as long as you studied Physic

This fella got this vehicle tracked down by a traffic cop for overunning a 'red'-ed traffic light down a hill.
With his marvelous explanation in Physic, he manage to get himself out of the pinch and saved a few hundred bucks for a summon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Expecting iPad Mini and 13inch MBP

The invites that Apple sent out is just coming very soon.
It is the speculating iPad Mini which is expected to be announced soon.
However, not only the iPad Mini is coming, there's some thing else coming along.

It is rumored that there's a 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro which comes on the stage of the Apple's event. 
Photos were leaked that showing this 13 inch MBP coming with 2560 x 1600 retina display.
Lets anticipate the event tonight!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Buy Nokia Today for a Chance to Win

Looks like Nokia are ending the year with quite a bang. As such, customers who purchase new Nokia smartphones stand a chance to win some amazing prizes, including three Toyota Vios G Limited.

The mechanics are simple. Buy any one of the selected Nokia phones, answer a (ridiculously) simple question and send an SMS. You’ll then be in the running to win prizes such as the aforementioned Toyota Vios, Yamaha bikes and also Nokia Lumia 610s.

For more information, head on to the promo site here.

Food Consumer's Right





电话: 03-7877 9000/
013-692 3826
网站: www.nccc.org.my

电话: 03-7876 2009
网站: www.fomca.org.my



Friday, October 19, 2012

Driving too fast? Get this App!


This application is developed to assist drivers to detect the new launching AES Camera.
System will auto trigger alert sound to remind you when detected any AES Camera within 500 meter from your driving point. Make sure you turn on your mobile phone speaker in order to hear the alert sound.
Note : This application can only be used in MALAYSIA only

Developed by “kevin chua”, AES Detector (which is only on Android’s Play Store currently) uses a smart device's GPS to track the user’s location, and will trigger an audio alert when the user is 500 metres away from a camera. It uses the locations and coordinates given by the Road Transport Ministry, so there will be areas where the AES cameras are not yet installed. Best of all, it’s free! However, users will first need to install Adobe AIR on their devices before it can be used.

Sorry, iOS users. There isn’t an AES app for the iOS platform just yet.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How do bridge became a river #OnlyInMalaysia

Image Description:
FLYOVER Bridge flood in Malaysia.
Live from Menara Mesiniaga at 5PM on 16-10-2012

The October of 2012 seems like a festival of rain, it is raining cats and dogs everyday in the city.
KL Selangor's traffic is congested as always in and out of the city during peak hours.
And there's an add-on for today, the rain waters are coming together.

A flyover bridge is flooded and cars are immobilized on it.

Everyone must be very cautious on driving during these times.
Safety first.

Facebook is unavailable Today

Over millions of users online, over thousands of people contacting each other, the grand platform facebook is down today.

It is a very rare case, but it is still a site. 
Maybe there's security breach out or Mark is having shower with it.

It is not you, everyone might be facing this as well.
Life without facebook is.. Dark, I felt.

Kabang, the hero in Philippines today

One say a dog is men's best friend, which is really true.
In Philippines, this dog, named Kabang, lost its snouts saving girls from a speeding motorcycle.

Kabang became a star in the Philippines after it got in front of a speeding motorcycle to save the dog owner’s young daughter and niece. 

Kabang has been brought to the University of California, Davis, where veterinarians will try to fix its injuries.
But the crash took off its snout and its upper jaw. Veterinarians in the Philippines were unable to treat the injury.

So Karen Kenngott, a critical care nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., spearheaded an online fundraising campaign for the dog's care.
UC Davis surgeons say Kabang will need multiple surgeries, but they are confident they can improve its condition.

Apple is showing us more this year

Apple has got something more to show you, it said.

Apple is inviting medias throughout the world to their upcoming event which take place on 23 Oct at the California Theatre in San Jose.
It is not a surprize to the people, but everyone is tiring of awaiting the announcement of the rumoured device - iPad Mini of 7-inch!
Everyone is anticipating it, afterall the iPhone 5 did make some disappointed, they are putting in more hopes in this iPad Mini.

Lets see what Apple is going to show us on that day. We hope it was the iPad mini too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Setapak TARCian Beware!

Case Description: 

Setapak area有车的同学,小心这些会爬车顶的羊,会踩到你的车顶凹下去...
原创来自:Walance Lee , TARC KL Main Campus

Setapak area tarcians beware, there will be goats whom climb up your car to have their lunch on the leaves of trees.
Goats above the car will intentionally step on the top of the car and causing it to be dent.

Don't simply park your car(s) if you don't wanna see some goats Oppa Gangnam Style above your car. :D

李茜 “太瘦了” - 胸像图钉?

第19届“美在花城”新星大赛近日在广东体育馆落幕,后冠被21岁川妹子李茜摘得,她还兼得 “最具才智奖”及由全城媒体票选的“最受媒体欢迎奖”,成为“三料冠军”。






Monday, October 15, 2012

Google Neus 7 Official

Announced at Google's 2012 I/O conference, the Nexus 7 is the first tablet to be part of the Google-produced Nexus line of Android devices and is built by Asus. It was designed to compete against other budget tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet but differentiates itself with an unmodified version of Android 4.1.
( Source : The Verge

7” 1280x800 HD display (216 ppi)
Back-lit IPS display
Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass
1.2MP front-facing camera

340 grams

8 or 16 GB internal storage

4325 mAh (Up to 8 hours of active use)

Quad-core Tegra 3 T30L 1.2GHz (1.3GHz Max @ Single Core) SoC

198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Micro USB
USB-OTG Support*

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

NFC (Android Beam)

More details at:

The Nexus 7 is an amazing package for something that costs a penny less than $200. It feels like something that could sell for much more. It has a great screen, solid performance and a clean, clear, uncluttered version of Google's latest operating system, Jelly Bean. From a pure hardware standpoint it beats the Kindle in every way possible -- except for content. Amazon's selection almost always trumps that of Google's, both in terms of variety and cost, but that's one wonderful problem to have, because almost all of that content is just as available on the Nexus 7 as it is on the Fire. The only major exception is Amazon Instant Video, and with Netflix, we can live with that.
(Source: Endgadget)

Honestly I think ASUS and Google have really done an excellent job here with the Nexus 7. The combination of a quad core SoC, IPS panel, solid construction, and the latest version of Android all for such a killer price point pretty much make it hard to really find any faults. Sure, it'd be useful to have a full size USB host port, microSD slot (though no Nexus has shipped with one since Nexus S), 5 GHz WiFi (Nexus 7 is 2.4 GHz only), or cellular, but the tablet wouldn't be $199 anymore. I also really feel like the 7 inch diagonal form factor is an ideal one, and the Nexus 7 is quickly growing on me.
(Source: Anandtech Mini)

Nexus 7 Specific F.A.Q

1-Does the Nexus 7 support MHL

2-What about USB-OTG?
   Input devices like mice and keyboards are supported out of the box.You can mount storage devices if you've rooted the device and use Stickmount which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

   Guide for Root Access and Bootloader Unlocking

For Windows;

For Linux;

UNHAPPY with Nexus 7 price? 

Please understand the 249USD is only price for US. other parts of world where google play store not fully open is sold close to RM999.

Quote from a local forum: 
Bloody hell, man... for the "price complainers"... please share with us which RM1k and below Android tablet out here in Malaysia has a quad-core 4+1 CPU, a 12‐core GeForce GPU, a 1280x800 resolution HD IPS display, Corning glass, running Jellybean, first to get updates, 8 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of web browsing, and 10 hours of e-reading, about a total of 9.5 hours battery life, 10.5 mm thin and 340gm in weight, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth v.3, WiFi b/g/n, NFC, 2 mics, 2 speakers, GPS, and a very portable 7" screen?

Show me one tablet that beats ALL that at RM1k or less currently available in Malaysia now, and I'll buy one for myself and another one for the first guy/gal who shares. Oh, you want US prices? Move there. A lot of other things also cheaper there what. 

If none of the complainers here can share anything as above, then stop b****ing, think about how unrealistic your complaint is and forever hold your peace.   

Felix Baumgartner's freefall from the edge of space

Can you fall from the sky like nothing happen? 
You and I might not be able to do it but he can!
He is Felix Baumgartner

Video Description: 
Here's the first video of the full jump! this is only for promotional purposes for those who missed the live stream that was made available by Red Bull. I do not own any of the rights for this clip. I will remove by request. 

The reason that I put this movie up is for the world to capture this time in history 14.10.2012

Thanks to Red Bull

Red Bull Stratos, a mission to the edge of space, attempted to transcend human limits that have existed for 50 years. Supported by a team of experts Felix Baumgartner ascended to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump rushing toward earth at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground. His attempt to dare atmospheric limits holds the potential to provide valuable medical and scientific research data for future pioneers.

The Red Bull Stratos team brings together the world's leading minds in aerospace medicine, engineering, pressure suit development, capsule creation and balloon fabrication. It includes retired United States Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger, who holds three of the records Felix will strive to break.

Joe's record jump from 102,800 ft in 1960 was during a time when no one knew if a human could survive a jump from the edge of space. Joe was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had already taken a balloon to 97,000 feet in Project ManHigh and survived a drogue mishap during a jump from 76,400 feet in Excelsior I. The Excelsior III mission was his 33rd parachute jump.

Although researching extremes was part of the program's goals, setting records wasn't the mission's purpose. Joe ascended in helium balloon launched from the back of a truck. He wore a pressurized suit on the way up in an open, unpressurized gondola. Scientific data captured from Joe's jump was shared with U.S. research personnel for development of the space program. Today Felix and his specialized team hope to take what was learned from Joe's jumps more than 50 years ago and press forward to test the edge of the human envelope.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Best Poem of 2005

This poem, written by an Africcan child was nominated for the Best Poem of 2005.


When I born, I black; When I grow up I black; When I go in sun I black; When I scared, I black; When I sick, I black;
And when I die, I still black;
And U white fellows;
When U born, U pink;
When U grow up, U white;
When U go in sun, U red;
When U cold, U blue;
When U scared, U yellow;
When U sick, U green;
When U die, U grey;
And U call me coloured

We are all humans, there's not different in black and white and yellow and red.
As long as we are moral-ed and well educated, we are good people.
As long as we are contributing to the country nation and peoples, we are good people.
As long as we respect each of us, we'll be respected.
Stop discrimination, every life has its value in this world.

I < 3 Blogging

Life may be dull, boring or you may fed up of what you're doing now.
Many things might not be on your desire and blocking your way to your dream.
Things may fall down and hit your head and you cried.
Even worse when you think god's not on your side and the cloud rained heavily.
But wait, that's not all. Hope is still there.
Rain will stop and rainbow will shines.

What goes around comes around.
I'm very bored of the old blog theme and decided to give it a fresh view after few hours of editing.
Thanks to instagram for the background image.
And also thanks for blogger in supply of the service.

I < 3 Blogging

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Commence of New Blog - Kentz-Diabolo

Being a Diabolist myself, it is good for me to have my own blog writing on Diabolo feeds personally out there. It is all about Diabolo, the Chinese yoyo which you guys seens on stage performance and outside the streets on some days.

The Kentz-Diabolo is much different from personal dairy-based blog and it is more towards news in the world of Diabolo.
Kentz-Diabolo ~ Hottest news in Malaysia Diabolo is now official and opens for reading and subscribe! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hong Leong Scam

"Kami telah baru-baru ini dikemaskini pangkalan data kami dan oleh itu memerlukan semua pelanggan kami untuk mengemaskini akaun mereka.
Dilampirkan dalam e-mel ini adalah bentuk akaun update. Sila muat turun untuk meneruskan
Sokongan Pelanggan" 
Banking scammers are out in action to scam some not-caution enough people.
Beware people! Do not entertain any of these fishy emails. Banks will Never send you email to attain your personal informations regarding on your own banking experience.
I've been receive this same email since last week and almost all of my personal email received it. 
(Count about 5 personal emails I have in different server)

Monday, October 8, 2012

World Mental Health Day, by HELP

What is HELP World Mental Health Day?

As a group of concerned Psychology students, we are dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in the society. We have dedicated ourselves to accomplish the one and only ultimate mission: To Advocate Mental Health Awareness with Education.

In conjunction with the theme for World Mental Health Day 2012 globally, the current theme for t

his project is Depression:Suicide.We are determined to create a better understanding about depression and suicide through 4 different goals this year:

i) Describe the symptoms of suicidal behaviour among youth. 

ii) Understand how depression leads to suicide. 

iii) Destigmatize the niche with mental disorders. 

iv) CHANGE depressive behaviour.

We Believe in C.H.A.N.G.E. which stands for "Choose life, Hold on And Not Give up Everything."

Spread the message.

Together we C.H.A.N.G.E.

Follow they blog for more updates: http://helpwmhd.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The famous Select All on Facebook

Suggesting people to like your own page? Or inviting friends to join your group?
The greatness of Facebook allows us to invite friends to our page which is very good. *clap*
However, things doesn't looks easy, we've gotta tick each friends one by one.

Because it is very troublesome to tick 2000 friends one by one in the box, so we did some research.
And we finally found a way to 'pick' all friends at 1 click. Although this is not new, but facebook is changing from time to time, so the old code might not be usable after a period of time.

Here's the new code:
*Seems like blogger removed partial of the code, hereby I upload a picture of the code

What to do:
1. You'll have to reach the inviting box where it should looks like the above image
2. Copy the above code and paste it on the Address bar of your browser
3. Double check as if the "javascript:" is copied on the front of the code, some browser removed it
4. Press 'Enter' and wait
5. Tadang! All picked