Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia -Part2

Today's the day, the big big day for all the greenies~ 
However, it's not that nice for the lynies.

It's the green Anti-Lynas rally today for the Kuantan citizen as well as the whole nation together with some international friends supporting this campaign.
People gathered in certain fixed places for such peaceful rally to save Malaysia!

Anti-Lynas rally a test of Najib's resolve

15,000 swarm Kuantan for anti-Lynas rally

Read the news people, it's 15K people swarm for anti-Lynas rally.
I'm very disappointed when I heard this, read below

The police reports only 3000 people taking part in the rally!
What a nonsense I think.
Scroll Up to view the first pitca and count the head guys ^^v.
I hope they know how to count.
And that's why we government always overspent but save less.

Lynas plant is harmless, assures Najib

Now, another ridiculous talk I say.
Our almighty PM is trying to tell us that Lynas will be safe. 
bUl Sit* to me
Even the BN tower faces water leakages every time, newly constructed football field collapse, how am I gonna place trust on this time?
*Refer to the previous pic, why not build the rare earth plant at Petaling Jaya?

After the rally, our PM replied with an obvious answer telling that he's not halting the plant.
Will Perhimpunan Hijau 3.0 coming soon?

My boss is heading Taiwan today and I wrote the paper and asked him to take a picture of that after he reached Taiwan :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stop Lynas, save Malaysia ♥

The title is much of self explaining, what?
You don't know what happened?! 
Malaysia is going dead guys, please know what are the government are doing.

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia! ♥

Lynas is going to  already setup a factory in Kuantan to process rare earth material, which is much of a good thing for telecomunication device manufacture such as Apple, Samsung but not for us.
Even worst that they processes will produce large amount of waste product which is radioactive.
What is radioactive you ask,

I wish not to see radiation started to spread in Malaysia.
With a little knowledge, one should know the circumstances that will be brought by radiation as well as ionization of our cell to our health condition.
Unless you want to make babies with 2 heads. 

As a science stream student, I know well how dangerous is radioactive and circumstances that radioactive will lead to. While I think the government not.
In spite of few examples in history of Malaysia, we already know how bad will those waste product affects the health of population surrounding. --- Refer to the case of Bukit Merah
Now we are glad that we lived in country freed of earthquake typhoon and so many natural disaster, but instead, shall we face man-made disaster soon?
We have the power to make change, not only for ourselves but the future generation.

Don't know about what is 'Lynas'? Read about it here.
However, that's not important anymore. What's really matters are we should expel Lynas out of Kuantan, our of Malaysia, out and out!
Even the experts did reported out that they don't have perfect, yes I mean perfect method to take care of the waste product which is highly radioactive.
How could we trust Lynas could do the job?

The government receive financial benefits from such activity, but not us people.
That's why we people should stand-up and sounds out loud to the national government!
Himpunan Hijau 2.0 is going to held this Sunday, 26.02.2012 at Kuantan.
For those who are able to take part, PLESE take part to make change of your future generation!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Must be Better

Saw this pic from somewhere and somewhat felt sad of it.
It is not the first time you being nagging and complained for most and all stuff you did eh, Malaysia?
I shall not blame the country for the fault but the staffs aren't just completing the work in a better way.
Even just a simple situation, I 'WOW' when I saw the top picture, never thought that road block can be efficient as how they do, because I live in the city of the lower portion picture.
And most of the time, not that you being road blocked to checked for your identification, but you ended up getting a police summon ticket for various lame reason.
And please people!
Please don't bribe the police, you're making the nation's reputation poorer and poorer.
Say 'Tak Nak 2 Rasuah' and just kindly receive the summon whenever it is given.
For the sake of our next generations, build a better government.

And here's some info's about NBA, interested in NBA? You should take a look.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Clairvoyance Nightmare City

This is a flash video produced by Clairvoyance, the nick of the author and it is said to be used to participate the flash bomb 05 competition.
However, I don't care about the competition but this flash animation is Awesome!
Although it is made few years ago. Yea it's long time. 6+ year back.
But the story line is cool and marvelous, from the art work to the music. It's just pure fantastic.

The music was not produced by them for this animation but sang by 403.
But the animation animated just as how the song feels like.
Love, Power, Desire, Hope, Fate, Sad, Joy, Courage, Brave and even Determination.
All of these feeling are expressed flawlessly in the animation in par of the music.

I just can't stop myself from sharing such fantabulous item to you guys.
Please watch.
Part 1

Part 2

As for lazy people who don't want to wait for the flash to load, here's a youtube version to aid your desire. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did you know..

I jokes at everything first before I get into the matters..
And you won't like me when I'm serious ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012


Valentine's Day again huh?
Being single tomorrow is just my Tuesday, and working day also~ hehe

Couples! Be sweet and happy tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ever.
Being sweet doesn't count on days, everyday can be Valentine's day.

I know there's a lot of ssssssss~
No worries, let's party !! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pity KFC

Ever heard of KFC? The all-time so tasty fried chicken place~?
I can't remember since when I ate my first KFC, at my baby state.
I ever thought that this is 1 of the best thing to eat in the range of fast food.
Even it's rival, McDonald always opens a shop right beside of it. :P

However, the joy ends soon enought after the recent case of KFC.
It happens at the KFC branch at i-City, the workers got frustated and hit the queue-ing customer bare fisted.
The reason was said due to there is not enough supply of chicken to the customer.
And one of the customer who queued up for long, when until his turn, the worker told him that there's no more chicken to sell.
And the customer just being dissappointed and request the shop to apologize, but this just gone wrong.

Youtube video uploaded showing condition before the fight:

Uploader: Pelanggan memang tak marah dengan perkatan yang buruk, belia cuma cakap dia akan complaint kat I-City saja.... tetapi, ganasnya pekerja KFC tersebut, ambil besi dari dapur nak hantam kat pelanggan tu... walaupun video ni tak boleh nampak besi yang pekerja pegang tetapi boleh dengar bunyinya....

sebab-sebab video inin dirakamkan adalah untuk bukti saja... janganlah orang yang tidak berada kat situ cakapkan yang bukan-bukan; aku rasa pelanggan tersebut memang tidak bersalah, sebab aku pun tunggu lebih dari 45 minutes untuk dapatkan makanan saja dimana depan saya cuma 5 pelanggan saja...

kalau ayam dah habis, cakap je elok2 dgn customer, kita orang memang faham...

Now, let's watch the show!

KFC worker fight with customer in I-City...the customer were waited for more than 1 hour but when comes to his turn, there is NO MORE fried chicken for him... the customer request the management to apologize but the useless Store Manager doing nothing instead the worker shouted at customer - "kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI.." ....

Here's the news:
KUALA LUMPUR: All he wanted was fried chicken for dinner, but Danny Ng, 26, got a zinger in the face instead.

In my point of view, whoever strike fist at the first place are wrong in the first place.
Never ever draw your fist to solve a problem, it only hurts and chained more problems up.
From all of the sources of media, we can see that Danny Ng did not raise up any racist issue, provoke or anger at the workers, but being just wanted a chicken for dinner, he got himself roasted up.
What's even more rediculous was the KFC biggiies doesn't seems to be appologizing immediately.
They are leaving the case to the PDRM investigation, and if it proved that KFC is wrong, then only they will appologize.

What a funny thing to be! Wait for the investigation's result?
As for big companies and major franchaises, their image should be first priority, but I don't see this in KFC.
Bet they earned enough. :P

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Chap Goh Mei at Genting Highland

Very fast, Chinese New Year is ending, and the worst thing is.. holiday ENDS!
Wow, this should be hard for students.
By the way I'm working too, since last week and it doesn't bother me much.
However, this year's Chap Goh Mei I will be at Genting.
Wonder if there's river for me to collect 'gam'? :P

I don't drive to genting, it's little too high for me, and also my little saga. D:
Instead, bought ticket and take the bus to there. It's quite convenient and more economic than driving.
Rm5.9 from titiwangsa straight to Genting First World Lobby. :)

In preparation for job later, it'll be diabolo-in-clown session in the outdoor theme park.
None of us are very profession in making-up the clown face, but I seems to have done a good job of that.

The Chap Goh Mei celebration starts at 8pm.
There are a WHOLESUM LOTS of people there.
And there will be fireworks going on~ +)

The cloud doesn't seems nice at the starting of the fireworks.
There's lots of haze and cloudy up there, which makes the fireworks can't be seen.
But after a few shots, the haze is gone~ =)

Now the fireworks is over, my job is done~ =)
Yeeah, 'foong gong'~
Watch the video of the fireworks below the post if you want.

What now? Dinner!
Enjoying dinner at CoffeeTerrace.

Time square stage at night~ 
Owh, I miss the doraemon~
The Doraemon world event just ended yesterday, and now they are cleaning up the decoratives of it.

'The night is still young'
And I just couldn't sleep, let's head over to starbuck~ =D
It's been some time after my last visit there.

My favourite~ Coffee java chip ice blended!

The next day, heading back home. 
The bus station is still crowded as usual.
A lil tips here:
The bus fare was same as it will be Rm5.9 back to titiwangsa.
There is many other counters selling tickets to other places such as Johor or even Pinang.

And at last~~~~

That's me by the way. :P

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