Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to 'grab' movie ticket Online

Great movies are on air every months and it's your pleasure to watch it, or you missed the fun.
Hehe, it's even much favourable to watch movie with our loved ones once in a while.
However, the fun is when you enter the cinema room, what about before that?
Always getting upset about queueing up the long queue to get the movie passes?
I know it had been some time we faced such awkward situation, which spoils the fun though.
Even worse when your partner asked you to queue up and she(he) went off shopping first.
You'd better do research before heading for a movie, here's some tips to avoid such condition!

How to buy TGV tickets via online.

All you need is to have an online banking enabled account will do.

1. Pick Your Movie

2. Pick your place, movie and time

3. Check your seat, input your name email phone number and confirm your payment method.
Multiple payment methods are available such as Credit Card, Maybank2u or even Paypal.

4. Proceed to your banking or crediting.

5. An email will be send to you. 
You just need to give the booking number to the counter and they will print the tickets for you. =)

In this case, you just avoided the super long queue before the counter. 
But be aware, this service is a booking service, an RM1 booking fee is included.
I'll prefer giving rm1 instead of the logn long queue, how about you?

How to buy Golden Screen Cinema(GSC) tickets via online.

GSC is getting abit complicated there, let's take a look.
What you need is not only have an online banking enabled account, but also GSC website account.
There's quite some terms and conditions too.

1. Pick your venue, movie and time
Then 'next'.

2. Chose the E-Payment Ticketing tab, and ...please read the instruction.
There will be rm0.50 of booking fee and rm1 for gold class booking.
Another rm5 surchage for 3D movie.

3. After that, a box will open, and you have to pick your things again
In this case, I've watching the viral factor at Midvalley on Wednesday night 11pm.

4. Get your number of seat and confirm.

5.Pick your seat.

6. A pop up box will come up, and you fill in your information.
And everything will go on well after you paid, and get your confirmation ID ready for collection of your tickets. =)

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