Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January gone soon

Happy Chinese New Year guys, and it's a week after the holiday now.
Everyone should've been back to working position and back to class for students.
It's quite hard to make my butt move out from the bed to work. :P
Especially after a long week of being a lazy duck.

A week back, what have you guys done?
Did you all get lots of angpao all the way long~, or win big in g*ambles house~ hahaha
I've been walking around here and there during the CNY festival.

The Times Square

The Pavilion

It's been some time after my last visit to this shopping mall.
It's huge and ... so damn crowded with people.
There's some odd looking bears statue at the front entrance of the mall.

Instead of being a decorative, it has became a friendly picture taking little bear.
Everyone stands by side and picturing.
This makes the front entrance even more crowded.

Went inside and had a walk there.

2nd row -- Magic Blast Egg Milk Tea... wtf

Still more bears. 
Each bear is unique from each other, different colouring and different styles.
Saw the middle red one, it's a juggler. :P

Few days later, I've been to visit one of my best teacher, Mr Lim.
Who taught me Chemistry in cekap tuition centre.
I went there, only taking chemistry for mr lim, haha, sorry cekap boss.
And thanks to him, an A+ for my chemistry in SPM. haha
During the visit, it was not only visiting him, he even brought us out for a dinner too.
We Lou Sang~ =)

So happy moment there, wishes that I have chances to visit you every year. =)
Best regards, Mr Lim. =)

ChurpChurp Session

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