Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Largest McDonald

The largest MCD on earth is now on England!

When the Olympic Games begin in London next month, the capital will play host to the fittest, fastest and strongest athletes in the world.
But it will also be home to a rather different superlative – the biggest McDonald’s on the planet, right in the middle of the Olympic park.
So while the competitors stretch themselves to their very limits, hungry spectators will gorge on tens of thousands of burgers and portions of fries.

The vast two-storey restaurant will serve up to 1,200 customers an hour and sell £3million of fast food during the Games.
At 3,000 sq ft the building, next to the Olympic Stadium, is bigger than the current largest McDonald’s, in Moscow.
The Russian restaurant will regain its title on September 9, however, when the London branch is bulldozed after the Paralympics closing ceremony.
Yesterday McDonald’s gave the media a preview of its flagship store, which includes 20 till points and 1,500 seats. 

Altogether they will serve 1.75million meals in 29 days, with Britons accounting for an estimated 85 per cent of customers.
The main restaurant will offer some of the best views across the Olympic Park from its first-floor balcony, which can seat 150 customers.
It will be staffed by 500 of its top-performing employees from 85,000 in the UK, with 200 on a shift at any one time.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best anti-smoking ads

Perhaps one of the best anti-smoking ads ever created

Speaking nothing, watch the video and share it to ALL of your smoking friends!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface join the Tab War!

Spec Sheet:

Before every sort of brabs, watch this awesome video!:

Microsoft Surface is a line of tablet ultra-portable PCs designed to work with Windows RT and Windows 8 operating systems.[1][2]Different versions will be available featuring ARM and Intel CPUs and the display is a 10.6", 16:9 widescreen HD Display (RT version) or Full HD Display (Pro version).[3] The product was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event.[4] The 'Type cover', a magnetic case complete with a multitouch keyboard and a trackpad, was also unveiled at the Los Angeles announcement.[5]"For the CPUs, the Surface with Windows RT will use an Nvidia ARM CPU, which most likely means a quad core Tegra 3 chip, like you'll find in the Asus Transformer Pro TF300. On the Windows 8 Pro Surface, Microsoft confirmed a full-fledged third generation "Ivy Bridge" Core i5 quad core chip like the chips in current Windows laptops." [6] As of this moment, no pricing or release date is available.

I thought it was a computer? =)..


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.

But I can't accept not trying.

- Michael Jordan

Monday, June 18, 2012


Difficulties in your Life do not come to destroy you,

But to help you realise your hidden potential and power.

Let difficulties know that you TOO are DIFFICULT

- Dr. A.P.I Abdul Kalam

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Work Hard, Work Smart

People, get inspired!

Are you working hard now? Or are you working smart? :)
It makes a great difference between both, and it decides the outcomes of your works, tremendously!