Monday, July 27, 2009

Performance ● Suck ● Dinner

Owh my god. It was the first ever in my life.
I failed to catch it and it flew to 1 of the.. big guy.
Feel so ashame that it hit the participient. >.<

Morning that day, went to basketball with my dudes.
Just played 1 match then headed home adi.
Then I've to rush for my Sej tuition.
After that, went jusco and had lunch with my mum.
It has been quite something that we had meal outside together.

Then gone to the bustop and wait for yeah's car.
Headed to SMK Jinjang for rehearsal.
Actually the rehearsal was like nothing much actually. :P
We run our performance once then head to eat adi. (Again!)
Then headed to yeah's house for a bath then go back to the hall again.
At the night, everything started.
The programme was abit lame but actually nothing too bad larh.

The thing that makes me anger is when I'm going back home.
It was 11.3x already.
Not much bus is passing by, taxi is my only hope.
Asked a malay guy:
I: Bang~ Ada jalan?
he: Nak ke mana?
I: Taman Ehsan..
he: Er.. taman eihsan..?
I: Kat situ! (I pointed finger at the position)
he: Oh, Oh.. Taman Ehsan lapan ringit!
I: okay okay, kasih~

I was damn angry lol..
Lapan ringit I can go to jinjang again lol.
Then luckily, another taxi comes by, it was a chinese driver.
Really thanks to the uncle as he charged me as a normal taxi charging.
Headed home for only rm4.4. xD

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~Compacted Life~

Everything is compacted.
No time to waste.. Not enuff time to spend..!

Tomorrow is the final day of the monthly test, was.. so excited lol?
Everything is just so lame.
Bm paper write 1 ransangan for 100%, AddMath 4 question.
Physic was 4 question also, but hard as hell.
Probably can't ride on lucky seven for my physic. :/

Ok next, for my grilled computer.
I should be the moment for me to resurrect you! (Yeah~)
Picked my demanding model, its time to bargain!
Lets see:

This is my lovely motherboard which I'll be getting in a week or two. ^^
Thanks to king who picked the model up for me, and kwei for recomending me asus.
Thou onBoard graphic worthy of a rm 200 graphic card. xD

And my processor was:


Tada~! the Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor.
Used Intel for years, time to try something new!

And lastly, what I demand was you to not left me alone.
I've waste too much opportunity.
No more wasting!
I don't want you to leave me!
I love you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shock ● N ● Unpredictable

Was shocked, shocked.. really shocked..
That bothers me my whole journey back home.
It's just throughout my head all along.

She tells me that I'm "r.u.l.d" or something similar.
Don't really understand what the term she said, I asked if it is "rude", but not..
It means that I'm talking things regardless the situation.
Ex: ..

That reminds me back, what I don't wanna remind back.
Gor told me before such things.
The same meaning, same tone, and same subject.
I should mind my words and tones when talking.
Probably I'm just too wild in conversation or what..

'Probably you can make friends by such attitude, but you may not achieve anything higher than that. For instance, your boss is not gonna bring you out to meet anyone just because of your behaviour'

It was not what I want.
It was not what I demand.
It was just out of expectation!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yea~~~ Ponteng skul hari ni..

I was so tired that I wasn't able to get up for skul.

Yesterday just back from Genting.

Gone to genting to vacancy for Clown. *hehe

Meet the big evil clown:

Image Hosted by

Got great times at the Genting.

When performing at the outdoors, the wind was so strong and we can't even perform swiftly. T.T

Yeah's solo performance was so great also.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank You

Finally, I'm back from Taiwan.

It was a wonderful trip.

Taiwan was a really great place, that I'll return.

Much more things to write afterwards.

The main thing, in the competition, our group got 1st place! (Hurray~)

And also, I get the 1st place in the group of under 16.

And lastly, thanks for you guys de comment!