Monday, July 27, 2009

Performance ● Suck ● Dinner

Owh my god. It was the first ever in my life.
I failed to catch it and it flew to 1 of the.. big guy.
Feel so ashame that it hit the participient. >.<

Morning that day, went to basketball with my dudes.
Just played 1 match then headed home adi.
Then I've to rush for my Sej tuition.
After that, went jusco and had lunch with my mum.
It has been quite something that we had meal outside together.

Then gone to the bustop and wait for yeah's car.
Headed to SMK Jinjang for rehearsal.
Actually the rehearsal was like nothing much actually. :P
We run our performance once then head to eat adi. (Again!)
Then headed to yeah's house for a bath then go back to the hall again.
At the night, everything started.
The programme was abit lame but actually nothing too bad larh.

The thing that makes me anger is when I'm going back home.
It was 11.3x already.
Not much bus is passing by, taxi is my only hope.
Asked a malay guy:
I: Bang~ Ada jalan?
he: Nak ke mana?
I: Taman Ehsan..
he: Er.. taman eihsan..?
I: Kat situ! (I pointed finger at the position)
he: Oh, Oh.. Taman Ehsan lapan ringit!
I: okay okay, kasih~

I was damn angry lol..
Lapan ringit I can go to jinjang again lol.
Then luckily, another taxi comes by, it was a chinese driver.
Really thanks to the uncle as he charged me as a normal taxi charging.
Headed home for only rm4.4. xD

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