Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Felt stress-less in the small moment.
Everything is going fine, and not really fine.
Exam starting in the week after school starts, haven't study. :P
What to do? I'm lazy.

Went center at 3pm+, saw zhuang just coming down from ktm centre. :P
We ate lunch at jusco.
Thou should eat much. ^^
Practice at center from 4-930. Omg.
It was a really nice place for practice thingy, no matter diabolo, dance or jugs.
Love it ! ^^

4D O_O

This rather looks lame:P

No event at morning today, I sleep till 1030. xD
Happy sleeping, sad sleeping.
I hit and injured my bone at the side of my pelvis.
Laying down with that side down was horrible.
Whole night only 1 position to sleep.

Going tuition at noon, everything is going according plan.
After tuition, went jusco buy stationery.
Wonder why there are so many people at jusco, no matter what day.
Finally I came up the main point, I forgot wear shoes.-.-
A pair of slippers on my foot.
Was planning to straight go dancin after that, but....
Damn, take bus went back home change shoe then head back to tren.

You're great.
Believe it, everyone shall acknowledge that themselves are great though.
I've achieve my target sooner than I expected.
Learning swipes. ^^

It was 845 now.
Preparing to go tnd. (thou gotta felt happy ya!)
Not going tuition for today, but it was rather harsh for me.
Just made decision ytd night.
Everything is going right today, no exception!

Study bothers me.
Why am I lazy?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It was my live, along with animation.
I've no idea when I started it, when I loved it. :P
Anyway, I just love it, pure love.
As we human aren't god, but we wish to be so.
Along that, we comfort our mind throu our eyes.

Downloading the on-demand anime of mine lately.
Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion
It was another great anime, not in aspect of art but plot.
It happens to be a brilliant high school student received a part of god's power.
He, will to archive his will to avenge his mother and the peacefulness of his sister against the country.
The show develops as he loses precious things in the path of his will.
Its just pure touch.
Cried a few times when watching the show. :P

By comparing it the animes I watched previous, this was a top 1.
Recommended for anime fans!
Yet wait to download R2!! =D

Thanks to it though,
I did relaxes myself.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Raining, people waiting outside..

Haiz, nothing I could do more than just 'haiz-ing'.
I knew I shouldn't blame much, but my luckiness is really in the pit bottom of the well.
I could be myself well.

Morning went top play basketball and it was well crowded.
Other than that, it wasn't a very bad day, though.
I arrived earlier than I expect, was just playing with them, the other gang in our school.
They might weren't that well on studies, but awesome in basketball-ing.
Played 1 game with them, before my gang came.

Then I just mix back with my own origin gang.
I, actually hate my own attitude.
It wasn't much but too playful, too 'over', too irritated and too alert.
I'm just thinking too much.
If got chance, might I apologize to you for my faulty words, Tien Jing. ^^
and for those whom I hurt without any intention.

Damn, I'm blaming luck again.
I wasn't able to score more than 10 balls today. OMG
What happened to me?
Even throwing from the bottom of the ring, failed too.

Raining so often lately.
I believe that rain wasn't bad though, but an opportunity to refresh.
Either the environment, the plants, and even washing off dust everywhere.
Having muscle cramp, not even able to walk for half an hour.

Thursday, September 17, 2009



So many things to do, so many things haven't do;
So many things I wish to do, so many things I failed to do.

Life isn't great, when stress come in hand.
Everything is a compete, I shall not lose.
In the deep thought, I may not be the first, but I must not be the last.
How to cope up with it?

Started my holiday today. ^^
Thou shall relax~

Pity hing and chard gonna go school;
but more pity yan for aeroplaned by ...

What shall I do by now?
Study? (Lazy, and due to the massiveness of things to read)
Practice? (Loved it, but lack of space... by contrast, hate it)
Play? (No people online to play with me)
Chat? (Lack of social communication skill, a failure)

By the end, I'm just not doing anything with much and much of excuses. :P
Things that bothers me currently, if not the exam the held soon enough in weeks, it was the bc society thingy.