Friday, September 18, 2009


Raining, people waiting outside..

Haiz, nothing I could do more than just 'haiz-ing'.
I knew I shouldn't blame much, but my luckiness is really in the pit bottom of the well.
I could be myself well.

Morning went top play basketball and it was well crowded.
Other than that, it wasn't a very bad day, though.
I arrived earlier than I expect, was just playing with them, the other gang in our school.
They might weren't that well on studies, but awesome in basketball-ing.
Played 1 game with them, before my gang came.

Then I just mix back with my own origin gang.
I, actually hate my own attitude.
It wasn't much but too playful, too 'over', too irritated and too alert.
I'm just thinking too much.
If got chance, might I apologize to you for my faulty words, Tien Jing. ^^
and for those whom I hurt without any intention.

Damn, I'm blaming luck again.
I wasn't able to score more than 10 balls today. OMG
What happened to me?
Even throwing from the bottom of the ring, failed too.

Raining so often lately.
I believe that rain wasn't bad though, but an opportunity to refresh.
Either the environment, the plants, and even washing off dust everywhere.
Having muscle cramp, not even able to walk for half an hour.

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