Thursday, September 17, 2009



So many things to do, so many things haven't do;
So many things I wish to do, so many things I failed to do.

Life isn't great, when stress come in hand.
Everything is a compete, I shall not lose.
In the deep thought, I may not be the first, but I must not be the last.
How to cope up with it?

Started my holiday today. ^^
Thou shall relax~

Pity hing and chard gonna go school;
but more pity yan for aeroplaned by ...

What shall I do by now?
Study? (Lazy, and due to the massiveness of things to read)
Practice? (Loved it, but lack of space... by contrast, hate it)
Play? (No people online to play with me)
Chat? (Lack of social communication skill, a failure)

By the end, I'm just not doing anything with much and much of excuses. :P
Things that bothers me currently, if not the exam the held soon enough in weeks, it was the bc society thingy.

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