Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Felt stress-less in the small moment.
Everything is going fine, and not really fine.
Exam starting in the week after school starts, haven't study. :P
What to do? I'm lazy.

Went center at 3pm+, saw zhuang just coming down from ktm centre. :P
We ate lunch at jusco.
Thou should eat much. ^^
Practice at center from 4-930. Omg.
It was a really nice place for practice thingy, no matter diabolo, dance or jugs.
Love it ! ^^

4D O_O

This rather looks lame:P

No event at morning today, I sleep till 1030. xD
Happy sleeping, sad sleeping.
I hit and injured my bone at the side of my pelvis.
Laying down with that side down was horrible.
Whole night only 1 position to sleep.

Going tuition at noon, everything is going according plan.
After tuition, went jusco buy stationery.
Wonder why there are so many people at jusco, no matter what day.
Finally I came up the main point, I forgot wear shoes.-.-
A pair of slippers on my foot.
Was planning to straight go dancin after that, but....
Damn, take bus went back home change shoe then head back to tren.

You're great.
Believe it, everyone shall acknowledge that themselves are great though.
I've achieve my target sooner than I expected.
Learning swipes. ^^

It was 845 now.
Preparing to go tnd. (thou gotta felt happy ya!)
Not going tuition for today, but it was rather harsh for me.
Just made decision ytd night.
Everything is going right today, no exception!

Study bothers me.
Why am I lazy?

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