Friday, October 30, 2009


Mate in 1

Haha, 1 more week of exam to go.
What's coming up soon is Biology, Additional Maths and those papers 3. :\
A hectic memorizing week is to be expected. xD

Account exam for me today.
I was damn lucky, most of them got imbanged. hehe
Slept for hours today, too tire.
Probably because of the lack of sleep in the previous days.
I still recall that I slept at 4 am for the chemistry revision. zz

Nite just now, played a game of chess with hou.
Surprisingly,  I won. (Haha)
The last move was shown as above. ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009


Doing addmath revision

First week exam, ovvveerrr!! :D
That's all for my BM, Math and my Moral. Fuuuuuu~
Now's the time for other subject.
The most critical thing currently is study.
However I'm updating my dusty blog here. :P

Many major subs in the in-coming weeks.
English, Sej, Kim, and Account. =D
It was so exciting.
Things go from bad to worse, I haven't start my sej revision.
Cham lo.............

Many things happen lately, but nothing more serious than...
Damn... Don't know it was lost at where also.
Tak ada jalan, bought a new at jusco. It was Rm30. (Expensive..)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Code Geass : Lelouch of Rebellion R2

It was 1230 now.
Perhaps, someone finished job adi and heading home now.

Every time I tend to update my blog, but lazy to do it.
And I've no idea why I'm not lazy now. :P
This is the 70th post already.
I wonder time goes swiftly.
It's also undeniable that there's fun within it. xDD

After so long, finished download the R2!!
And just finished watching it.
My comment of it wasn't much differs from the previous, but enhanced.
It was a great anime, never lose it.
Total of 50 eps was not a waste time for me, perhaps.
And it was so sad, so touch, so exciting within it.

Zero's Requiem
destroy and recreate.

Damit, tears again. :P