Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January gone soon

Happy Chinese New Year guys, and it's a week after the holiday now.
Everyone should've been back to working position and back to class for students.
It's quite hard to make my butt move out from the bed to work. :P
Especially after a long week of being a lazy duck.

A week back, what have you guys done?
Did you all get lots of angpao all the way long~, or win big in g*ambles house~ hahaha
I've been walking around here and there during the CNY festival.

The Times Square

The Pavilion

It's been some time after my last visit to this shopping mall.
It's huge and ... so damn crowded with people.
There's some odd looking bears statue at the front entrance of the mall.

Instead of being a decorative, it has became a friendly picture taking little bear.
Everyone stands by side and picturing.
This makes the front entrance even more crowded.

Went inside and had a walk there.

2nd row -- Magic Blast Egg Milk Tea... wtf

Still more bears. 
Each bear is unique from each other, different colouring and different styles.
Saw the middle red one, it's a juggler. :P

Few days later, I've been to visit one of my best teacher, Mr Lim.
Who taught me Chemistry in cekap tuition centre.
I went there, only taking chemistry for mr lim, haha, sorry cekap boss.
And thanks to him, an A+ for my chemistry in SPM. haha
During the visit, it was not only visiting him, he even brought us out for a dinner too.
We Lou Sang~ =)

So happy moment there, wishes that I have chances to visit you every year. =)
Best regards, Mr Lim. =)

ChurpChurp Session

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy CNY 2nd Day to Jusco only

Happy Chinee New Year, again, haha.
Expected chinese new year will very fancy and full of exciting moments.. In fact, it is not.

It was still counted as cny, and I decided to go vege for today also, but sadly..

Rm2 vege shop is off!
Wow, it was the first ever time I saw it off.
The shop was so nice, works even most major public holiday.
I thought it just doesn't off, until today.
Argh, nevermind, turn around and look around~


"Section Clear!"
Wow, the whole street is so.. clean.
Awesome huh?

Since nothing's here, let's head on to Jusco.
The jusco at kepong which i always talk about, and let's see what's inside there.

Still, cars are lining up for the U-turn to jusco. 
Whatsupp guys, you all didn't balik kampung?

The motorist's parking area, full.

The outdoor car parking area, full also.

Note that Jusco do have indoor parking areas at 2nd , 3rd and 4th floor of the building.
It's much bigger there.
The parking rates is as follow:
Free for the first hour, and Rm1 flat after that.
If you have J-card, present it during paying parking tickets and you'll get 2nd hour parking Free also.
I have a J-card, therefore I can park here 2 hours free, while others only 1 hour.

Groceries are still available, I wonder where they get those grocers from eh?

Jusco's Arena(food court) is open too, but most stalls are off due to CNY season.

Most shops are off, only some big ones are open.
Like this shop we have here, the YuYanSang.

Lil cute Dragon decorative.

KFC's hiring, wanna job?

In the end, lazy of walking anymore.
I've settled down at marrybrown and had my lunch there.
The meals are same, but the price had gotten up. hmp.

Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY Da First Deey

Happy Chinese New Year again!
Haha, for the first day of the celebration, most people should've went reunion with their big big family members at very far place.
However, that's not a life of mine.
Other than facing the computer whole day, I've went to the cinema for a movie with mum. +)

The Viral Factor

We went to the Kepong Jusco TGV Cinema for the movie, and it was surprisingly crowded there.
I thought most people backed hometown? Not so true.
By the way, believed this few days will the bangla's heaven in KL, as they don't back hometown,
they don't reunion and celebrate, but they shop. :P

The queue buying movie tickets were so long there at the cinema counter, and sorry guys, I 4-got take 4-to.
Thanks to the help of technology, I've escaped this. :P
I've buy my ticket via online and redeem the ticket at the booking counter at 1400, my movie starts 1415.

Little tips here on how to buy TGV tickets via online.
All you need is to have an online banking enabled account will do.
1. Pick Your Movie

2. Pick your place, movie and time

3. Check your seat, input your name email phone number and confirm your payment method.
Multiple payment methods are available such as Credit Card, Maybank2u or even Paypal.

4. Proceed to your banking or crediting.

5. An email will be send to you. 
You just need to give the booking number to the counter and they will print the tickets for you. =)

In this case, you just avoided the super long queue before the counter. 
But be aware, this service is a booking service, an RM1 booking fee is included.
I'll prefer giving rm1 instead of the logn long queue, how about you?

Okay now, let's enjoy teh movie!

Haha, I'm not gonna spoil your mood giving much reviews of the movie here.
However what I wanted to talk about was this movie, was taken in Malaysia. =D
Very near, the scenario was shoot in varius places around Kuala Lumpur.
So proud of our country. haha

Lil bit of teaser eh~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 ~!

Chinese new year around the corner, it's 29th in the chinese calender today, and this is what happen to Jusco.

Went to jusco to buy little thingy, and it is still yet so crowded.
Everyone is rushing for last minute shipment for chinese new year.

Not on the cookies are short in stock, there's short in drinks too !

Seems like this year chinese new year was a great year.
Let's celebrate this Dragon year with full of dragon spirit man~!

People from all walks of life, attention!
Wish you guys all have a great and prosperity dragon year this year~ =)

Happy Chinese New Year !!