Thursday, January 19, 2012

Talk about Free Webhosting

 The internet is a trend now, have you follow up the trend?

Web Hosting
Why this image?, read on! =)

Haha, it's quite odd to see someone without facebook account nowadays.
So, why not learn a way to ultilize the internet in your way to promote your living or business?
For trandition thinking that internet maybe not much reliable, but the fact is not so true.
For one of the reasons that the internet is blooming might be the facebook, google, youtube and wikipedia and so on.
I think that you should have heard before those big sites before right?
Peoples registered there and post there own things, as well as reading information of the others.
What makes things worse was that it isn't 10 people who is doing this, but more than 800 millions people had registered in facebook ! (The Fact)

When you are running a business, what makes you not to join the stream, eh?
Wise people do so. ^^ hehe
What?, you don't believe? Online there's a way to do business
They open a page, promote their product, people leaves a message and the deal goes on!
Internet makes things so easy! (or perhaps, facebook)

To make things better and pro-er, some people even hosted a website for their business.
Yeap, so true, it looks much more professional in this way.
But it's costy to so too. It will cost you real money to host a server and buying a domain as well.
Perhaps a cost of Rm100-300 ($30-90) per anual is just too cheap for you or your business then you may do so~ =). Make sure you run your site well.

Or else, it is believed that many peoples are searching for alternative way to do so.
Another cheaper way or even free services to do the same thing.
Google 'free web host' and you will find tons of sites that provide free web hosting feature.
However, most of them suck. :)
They are free, what do you expect?
It is not easy to find a very good thing out there free, but the very good thing exists.

Here I recommend this, the
It gives you enough free storage as well as 100gb month data transfer which is quite big for a site that provide no medea streaming downloads.
For more details, visit the link =).
They did provided more than enough resources for a web hosting newbie to set up their website and starts their online business. 000webhost is great! =)
Other than hosting new websites, you could host your blog there too. ^^
They provide fantastico installation script for instant installation of your blogs or sites such as wordpress and so on.

But it is still not so good yet. Why?
When you register a free server, you need a domain name. The name of your address.
If you don't have one, no worries!
You can make your own domain as their subdomain.
Meaning that your site will have ''.
Honestly, I don't like this.
 No worries, the superman arrives!

Here's one free domain registration site that I do recommend. =)
With this, you will make your site name as '', much fancy than the previous isn't it.
It the

With both of this tool you are powerful enough to set up your own unique website, free of charge!
Take a moment and visit one of my site which I did using both of the service.

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