Sunday, January 8, 2012

Japan 23 BBQ Steamboat

Hello guys!
Tonight I'm here with my so so lenglui girlfriend, which is my mom
redeeming our Everyday coupon at this Japan 23 BBQ Steamboat house.

The steamboat house was located at Setapak, and we've actually having a little hard time searching for it.
It was just at the Center Mart located right behind the Shell n Petronas station beside the road of Jalan Genting Kelang.

It was moderately crowded as it is really not like right beside the main road.
Probably only locals know the shop and came here to enjoy.

The night view from here, wasn't that bad, as long as it doesn't rain.
It is very comfortable to eat there, and it's just another best place for youngster to blow water aka chit-chatting along the night here.

And lastly the food!
The shop offers a wide wide varieties of food from seafoods to noodles and even fried rice as provided there also.
Waste no food as it is a buffet style bbq steamboat.
You can take as much food as you want as long as you're able to stuck em' all into your tummy will do.
Here, everything was so self-service until the tea pot was ready there for you to do your own chinese tea work there.
Even there's something interesting was there's an ABC machine there.
You want it? Go and operate the machine and enjoy your ABC =)

In short, it's another nice food trip.
With only rm16.8 per person for unlimited seafooooods, it's totally worthy.
A top-up of rm2.8 was required in order to open the area of drinks and desserts for each person.
Great drinks and desserts there too.
Everythings are so well but that it just annoyed me that I've used up 1 hour searching around Setapak area for this place. /.\


  1. The price is pretty good, but I wonder why name Japan 23, is there Japanese food served at there?

  2. Hmm haha~ no really.
    Probably the owner loves japan so much :P

    Thx for commenting~ =) ~Follow my blog