Friday, January 29, 2010

New year New day New challenge

Welcome 2010, bye bye 2009
It was form 5, my final year of high school. (^^'')
I was happy and busy, till I lazy to care bout this place, haha.
I shall update it abit. :D

Many things here and there.
The time passed so fast before I'd became the chairman of Bc Society.
The first 3 month's activity is already planned.
The exciting part is about to start. haha

It was just the first month only, but I've felt that I did many things.
**Pening Pening **
Take a look of the logo of the bc society!

Haha, nice anot? :D
I asked my friend to draw it and I scanned it in to computer and processed it.
Now we have an official logo for the society~

Today had a meeting that is alike to a perjumpaan.
Basicly my aim for that is to announce issues to all the members,
and also to clarified how much our members are.
I'm quite satisfied with the number of pupils who join. :D
But, I'm disappointed with my performance today. T.T
Hope you guys can forgive me the mistakes I made.