Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fakers everyWher

I'm in no happy mood once in a while
Acting like so happy in the face while imitating like the joy of my happiness flows out of my heart
While in fact, it is the opposite case
It's just too dangerous out here, shu shu, small kids should stay back at home

True and very hell truth
Peoples do things for their own sake, for their own desire and to succeed their purpose
And to achieve that, they do it by hook or by crook, just anything!
This what I called the Fkers
Yes, they are, but you don't have the qualifications to humiliate them
Because of them are just earning much better than you do!
Better position than you do!

Things are getting complicated when it messed up with your routines.
I'm in no insult of anyone here reading, as if you are not comfortable with it, I meant it to the previous reader =)

You are no child already, why is it that hard for people to be more mature.
Be for granted, is it your instinct?
This comfortable zone is just too comfortable now for everyone.
Thinking that everything will goes on well with me, and others will help me erm, must*
While yes, this is the comfort zone, and you get help
By times, things getting more frequent and just be for granted for everything.
I'm fed up of seeing this, commitment plays in the role when you be responsible for your responsibilities

Back to reality, for some reasons I'm not in the mood of joyness
People please don't make me a joke
I don't joke to meant it, and also not meant it to joke
I'm no joker everytime
and also don't put me as a clown, please.
I really hate it, hate to the deep, when making fun of me, my personal issues
Even though it is just none of your business, please just fuck off
You just irritates me, don't make yourself so high positioned like you inspects us, me
Even little manners and respects are not application to you, I think you no great.
While you are just a joker, making fun of other peoples, and other other people laugh at your jokes, and awkward the people you joke at.
Thinking you're humorous, no. Just fakers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rm0.09589041095 per day

Are you feeling to much to pay for only rm0.096 per day?

My carbon stick had broke off. D:
I've been using it for more than 2 years since then.
Although it doesn't cost a bomb, but I've lost something precious.
Lost da feeling

And I had myself a replacement here.
Hi whitie, be nice with me ya~ =)

Fab Food 1 Malaysia 2011

I'm here today, after few hours jamming in to here.
And I drove here, a little success for me.
Initially though that it was very far away, and in the end, it wasn't.
The PWTC is just at Jalan Tun Razak, which is just one of the road split from Jalan Kuching.

Look at the cars!!
It was sooo damn crowded, where I turned for a few rounds there before I parked.

Got into the hall and saw this~ hehe
Fabulous Food 1Malaysia, this is my first time coming here. 
It's all about food.

And I walk into the wrong room, this was selling fishie items.
The seafood exhibition. =.=''

Yeah, this is the entrance finally.

We have to walk over a bridge before the reach the main hall of the fabfood.

A little booklet given at the entrance.

In short, I feel it's so nice to held such an event once in a while.
Other than promoting tourism, it also symbolize our social culture there.
Foods are sold in stalls in the hall, and visitors are provided a comfortable environment to have their food there.
Foods sold are most of those basic cultural food in Malaysia.
For instance, roti canai, chao kuey tiao, laksa and so on~
And there's a joke there also.
For us Malaysia, we joke that we travel all the way there to eat char kuey tiao. :P
Anyway, the event was great, a lots of quality items are sold there, especially in those retail like Lee Kum Kee.
Every Malaysian are encourage to attend~ =)

Confucian Private School 105th Anniversary

The snack seems tasty, :P

I'm here at confucian private school today night, it's their anniversary dinner, and it's BIG!
The Confucian private school was one of the oldest chinese private school in Malaysia, and it's quite memorable. They said that before the school, it's a military base for the Jepun army back in years.
To date, the school had improve and innovated to be one of the famous chinese private school out there in the city. Every chinese parents tend to send their children here.

Other than celebrating the school's 105th anniversary, the dinner also tends to collect fund for the school's higher education loan foundation. People's have to buy or donate to get a seat in the hall.

The Mr Yang, donated the most. Rm 308k.

The starting of the ceremony by the chinese orchestra.

The initiation of the dinner by most of the donors.

And then performances going on...

And this is the last scene before I leave the hall.
It's just before the final performance.
As seen, more than 70% people left. :P