Friday, November 11, 2011

PubliKa Mall

Guess what, nothing to do in the afternoon and I went on adventure again.
Today's exploring spot was the Publika mall, located at Solaris Dutamas.
Which was quite near to the Solaris Mont Kiara that I went few weeks ago.

Took this to avoid forgoting where I park my car. :P
The parking fare there wasn't that expensive.
They encourage people to go there, and leave within certain period.
Great strategy, to gain traffic, and to provide more parking space for a long period.
It's Rm1 for 3 hours at until 6pm.
Rm2 for every subsequent hour after that.

Once I enter the building, someone gave me this.
The MilkAdeal coupon. They say it worth rm10.

It's confortable there, feel so 'high class'.
The centre square was surrounded by tall buildings which act as a shading.
I wonder if it will causes green house effect. :P

Something special there.

It's a stage, typical classic stage. haha

Nice bench for sitting.
Ensure you don't fall back.

The whole building was embeded with full of these kind of quotes.
It's interesting, yet true.
Everything by publika.

The entrance to the mall.
Either you do drop off or pick up, or else you will have to park your car there to walk the mall.

There's a little garden there.
Notice the small girl ? 

What's interesting here was, everywhere around the mall contain these things.
These wheel like item seems to act as a decorative to the mall.
It's nothing much, but artistic.

The inside of the mall, it's cooling.

Funny map at the food court there.

I love this.
"If it doesn't do what it's supposed to, Give it a new purpose!''

At last, it's me.
Like the kamen raider, I'm inside the mirror. :P

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