Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya Show

Today we are here, at the Dewan Tunku Canselor.
Why are we here~?
Why Why Why

Saw the grand hall? Of course we are here to perform laaa!
Haha, it has been 1 year after my last visit to here.

Someone is doing the setup on the stage...

The three chairs there for the some BIG guy..

Cool ceiling too..

And what I saw was the light up there, looks like a shower head.:P

Anyway how, let's see some performance.
No no, this was not the real performance, it's just the final rehearsal on stage.
It was the UM Hand Percussion team out there.

And we were resting on the second floor of the stage before the show starts.
It's 3 hour to go before the show. D:

" Hey smile !"


Hoi~ The DSLR not used this way!

Show's starting, I were being styled~

W00t! Lengcai after styling~ XD

You know famouse Korean show, "Da Chang Jin" ?

Now become, ' Xiao Chang Jin ' ... :P

The event is starting, everyone getting busy

The BIG one~ 

A very big thanks to vincent for snapping this for me. :P
It's me.

Our supper after the show back in Jinjang~ hehe.
And finally, review the Da Chang Jin earlier there!!~~
Ta Dang~~~~~

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