Friday, November 18, 2011

Deeeeeeeeee Spirit

With only 2 strips of these~
I'm out of ta house again~!

A bunch of little kids gonna have their performance again out there.
And nonetheless, I'm to support!

When I reach the hall...

Everyone is well sitted, and the event already started.
It was the graduation day of the school and it is not a purfunctory.

A lot of students are being awarded in either their merid studies result or their co-curricular activities.

And they are preparing back here...

Finally the show is getting started, and their performance was the first among all shows.

And other shows go on~

And by the way, I left the school once my kids had done the performance.
It was the same show as they were taking to the competition very soon.
Hope they will do well there, nothing much I can do by now on.
It's all back to their efforts eh.

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