Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Hut Subang branch

Sweet hut
your dessert specialist

Saturday today, and I've been to this dessert shop this afternoon.
It's opened by one of my friend, and I was here to support him.
This is located at the Subang area around SS15.

The front door decoration was nice enough to attract customers.
Where else inner decoration doesn't fails out either.

At that moment, everyone else is going on school or working, really less customer.
Me and my friend was the only customer at that time :P

Comfortable decoratives and well placed tables as well as air-conditioned room area makes you to sit there longer.
Comics and magazines are provided reading for free as well.

Here comes to the dessert, there's really too much choises to choose.
The whole menu consist of more than 5 pages to look at, every dessert looks unique and flashy.
I didn't make an order, but allowed my friend to recommend me.
It was this mango dessert, forgive me that I forgot the whole name for the dish. :P
It just look exactly same as what is shown inside the menu. ^^
And looks tasty too.
It was not just looking tasty, but it is tasty! ^^

You guys should never missed out this dessert shop
Great desserts + Comfortable area = Have a nice day relaxing yourself out there!
It's definitely a best place to have a tea time with few friends or go for a gathering of a big bunch of friends there. 

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