Friday, November 18, 2011

The Subang Parade

It's raining so heavily outside, and I've decided to go for a walk here.
The Subang Parade.
I've never came before, but heard of the name of it since the big news few months ago.
Telling that a massive explosion happens, although not here, it was at the Empire avenue, but this became as a geo tag for everyone's referral. 

The parking here is wierd.
I've gone for 2 hours there, and it cost me rm2.75, deducted from my Touch n Go card.
1st hour entry was Rm1.65, and every subsequent hour was Rm1.10. Funny though
PS: This rate is specifically for TnG users to use the card and park there after 8am only.

When I entered the mall, I felt a sense of dissappointment. D:

The mall doesn't feel as luxorious as I expected.

There's a very unique design in the building, which where they built a lot of long bridges from floors to floors.
And the bridges looks neat and comfort. :D

Finished walking around the mall for around 1 hours, and I just found out that the mall wasn't exciting.
But what makes the mall feel good was those shop lots.
A lots of well-known retails were able to be found here!
Yes, ALOT and MOST of them are here.
You don't believe? Look again the pictures up there~ =)  ^^^^^^^^

And lastly, this scene was at the McDonald there.
I bet it's the best place to have a rest there, however.. the wifi is down :(

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