Monday, August 31, 2009


Dancing Breaking!
Learning combos now, damn excited. = =
Everything is going hard, practice is essential to success.
Balancing balancing and balancing. >.>
Falls falls and falls. <.<>

Gained technique of the combo from theses injuries.
It worth, really worth!

However, physical injuries can easily be healed.
Injuries within heart are scars that never worn off.
Felt the feeling of the past year just now, in the small room.
Am I really that unforgivable?
What shall I do?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famine 30

Went to the camp, it was so much fun.
Even though hunger marches its way to us, our will to survive will never run off!

Before The First Day
It was 21 today, the camp is starting tomorrow right at 12 noon.
Everyone is encouraged to reach HELP College and register himself before 10am.
Jeff and I, was the lonely guy that have to go alone, since those gals' car are all full-housed~
Night at 8, Jeff came my house to overnight as it is more convenient for us to travel tomorrow.
Shared my room. :P (Even thou it is so small)

First Day
Woke up at 630 today.
Brushed our teeth, packed everything, head on for our breakfast!
My dad brought us to 1 of the seafood restaurant at Aman Puri. (Lol)
Yea, their dim sam was not bad, but the cooking is so damn 'fast'.
Our meal took us 1 hour. -.-
Then we head to the college straight away.
It was 930 when we reach there.
There wasn't much people, as Ee Ling haven't reach there also.
----- W.A.I.T -----
Finally they arrived.
We went to register, let the guy check our temperature, sprayed our hands with the super cleanser. :P
Then we're all seperated in groups.
There're about 10 peoples in group, and there're about 60 groups out there.
It was so crowded in the under tunnel.
We're in the group 57!

The group number board. ^^

As we're all separated into groups, our group only have 6 people. (In less of 4)
We're gonna have some outsider in our group. ^^
The first guy come was Ang!
The dude that look so cute, but actually he participated the camp in the past 2 years.
I believe he's quite experienced, right?
Take a look at him~

Caught playing hand phone. xD

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Equation of Success ( II )

Back from the Equation of success part 1, we now have our equation of success part 2 !!
It is not only the form 3 standard linear equation but something more complicated.
Logarithms! xD

practice Success =

When we derive it, it will become:

Practice ^ ∞ = Success

The meaning behind this should be pretty easy and self understanding.
We need to practice practice and practice in order to success.

Words of wisdom by someone:
Practice might not success, but success might not lack of practice!

Friday, August 7, 2009


My form 5 is destined to be changed?
Was elected for the chairman of the chinese society.
Was damn shocked when they wrote my name there.
It was so unexpected as I just did nothing to the society. *omg*

Was it that everyone with nice funky talking will be elected?
A busy exciting year awaiting me ahead!
+u Kentz!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everything is happening as it should lately.
Still having some symptoms of flu even after sick. >.<
Having slight cough every night.. thou should cut off the ice drinking!

Everyday, I'm just so rajin in copying back my exercise.
Last but not least, I manage to update 80% of my lost work. ^^
Patching up everything isn't that easy as you think.

Today's Thursday already, saturday coming soon~
The booklet, I haven make. >.< Will do in it tomorrow, hope so it will be sufficient and I manage to finished em up before sat. :P
Everything should be going smoothly, no more conflict!
It's just explanation and demonstration happening during sat, everything will be OK!
Gambateh Kentz!

Yaping's making new shirt! That's finally out own team costume!
And our logo should be approximately like this:
Cool right?
Guess who's body in use? xD

Read someone's blog, its too late to apologize.
I believe you should know who am I referring to, and who I'm telling this to.
Probably I don't know much about what happened.
But these words bare in my mind:多一个朋友好过多一个敌人
Peoples make mistakes. Probably we should forgive?
Great princess attitude won't bring us to anywhere, even when we're adult and in the social life.
Sorry if I offended anyone. I'm not intended to do so.

Flu is getting serious and serious lately.
Seasonal flu is going on and everyone is having cough and sneezing.
It should be a normal to sight a pedestrian coughing all along the road.
But be cautious everyone! H1N1 is disastrous, belum kena belum tau, satu kali cuba tak mau pun mesti mau.
Once kena adi, your lifespan might be a fullstop.
Becareful everyone!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

PC ● Sick ● Projects

Everything is going from bad to best!
My pc is fixed. ^^
What's funny that, my processor didn't burnt.
And what I do was only replacing my board.
*My board was the one that broken down. :P

Nextly, I was recovered from my illness!
What a feel of refreshed and importaness of health.
Such peoples says that health or wealth.
Nothing can compare to health.

Moral projects again.
What I did was, finished copying all 8 essays and everything goes well.
Took a few lame foto, but compulsory for my project. >.<