Thursday, March 11, 2010

It is just casual, too casual to become a title

Exam is finally over, and it was a disappointment as I was performing nt quite well.
Haha, really pray to pass each subject. 
Especially the 3 main subs, bio chem and physic. 
It was a totally failure~ T.T

The bc shirt is made, and received quite some positive comment.
Thanks so much for those who gives feedback during the development phase~ sy, js, sw and fw~
However, things doesn't really go as merid as it could be.
G.penasihat ~Lulus~
Pk Koko ~Lulus~
Pengetua ~X Lulus~

zzz... totally depressed.. i think i cried when no body knows..
stood there for long just to wait a signature, but kenna reject.. the feeling is so bitter
no choise, have to add a lencana to the shirt, looks not very beautiful already~ ><
Hope so the price will not rose as i added 1 badge there. **pray**

I mayb is not the best leader, but i'm doing my best.
Feedbacks of thous are welcomed!
Bless for my club~  haha