Thursday, December 29, 2011

The old Street

Had a walk down back in the old street
Felt so mystic, so flashy
It's the road that I used to walk everyday back in my young age

Now? no walk ady lu, got car ma :P
However, it's nice to flash back the memories some times
I'm alone here, and always.
So, lone had been my best friend since .. I don't know when
and he made me thinks a lot when he's with me
What's wrong with me? In doubt.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 International Diabolo Camp (Serdang)


The 2011 8th International Diabolo Camp is being held at Serdang with the them of Ling Wu Chen Ba!
It's big and awesome.
More than 400 diabolist participated the camp and even international players are attending.
We saw some jugglers from Hong Kong too.
And very familiar, Saito has came, together with one of his friend, Aoi.
Ernest came, with his friend Yang Yang also.
It's big!

The camp held on 23, 24 and 25th of December.
On the christmas eve, we had bread supper.
So I call it Bread in da Christmas eve.

I didn't took much picture in the camp, as I'm joining as a camper, not allow to use phone during activities :P
However, no disappointing that there are a few professional photographers capturing best moments of the camp there.
Take a look of them here:

I'm sharing a bit here though.

Chan Chee Ee Coach launch the starting of the camp!

And then we have a small diabolo tournament inside the camp.
And of course, that's me. XD
Ugly look man.

With full of luck, I've nominated for the single diabolo category and receive a present from the organizer.
It's the Eissa diabolo stick.
Seems like it's beatiful, but quite fragile. It's a good idea to keep it but not to play it. :P

One of the jugglers from Hong Kong performing their skills.
This one was called the Devil Sticks.
Heard and saw on youtube for many times, it's first time for me to see a real one!

Warming up session~
Everyone hurls your diabolo up to the sky!
But don't try this at home, because...

To be honest, this camp is really good.
I've meet lots of impressive peoples.
Remember back few years before, when I was still so small but with fabulous skill.
And now, still those skills. :X
And in the mean time, other peoples and catching up, very fast!
I've stunted for few years already.
So disappointed to think back that I've no new skills during this few years.
No time to waste!
Have to catch up and race with time, or else, presence of yaping diabolo dance will vanish in no where!

Zone D To the Singapore

Few weeks ago, I've went to Singapore with my partners and teammates~
Zone D Studio members are coming! Singapore!

9 humans with 2 vehicles started their journey early in the morning to cruise to Singapore.
It's their yearly diabolo camp.
We went there often to give professional diabolo coaching and teaching skills to them.
Every year we were fortunately invited by them and seems like they love it.
I believe they learnt a lot in the past few times already
And this year, members participating this camp hit its former high score again!

My team, practicing for their last day performance

Everyone seems like putting in lots of effort
Some of them are doing quite well =)

Singapore's MRT, it's cool and awesome!
At least, times better than KTM here. x_x
They firstly, they had their panel up in front of the door, with LED lights indicating where are you, and where the train is traveling.

It's night and less people. You ask why?
Train comes very often, just about 5 minutes you will see another MRT coming.
Unlike the 30 minutes waiting of KTM here.
It's clean and COOL! Well done air-conditioning!

Everyone is bibbling

They walkway is so clean and quiet.
Salute Singaporeans to be so rational.

We've reached Marina Bay.
I don't know where it is, but seems like there's quite some sky scrappers around here.

Clean street and nice car everywhere.
But the road tax kills. :P

It's beautiful.
They say it's one of the most building area here.

"Pizza Bar"

We saw they bay

And it's really romantic here.


Avalon, the Disco Pub out there side of the bay.
It's crowded and rockin!

A mall at the other side of the bay.

Strange thingy, they say there will be water whirl when water comes out from the pipes

High buildings here, even Maybank is here.

The avalon :P

The water show started!
We came all the way here, to watch this.

The spray water vapours out of the machine and projectors project bright light on the vapours.

It's awesome

Moreover they even have sound effects from the side of the bay.
6 large stereo speakers stand side by side to echo the best surround music to every audiences!

Last day of the camp, everyone is preparing for the show at night~

So sorry guys I didn't take any pic for the night show, as I'm one of the performers there.
So busy but satisfying.
In the end, the show finished beautifully and the camp ends with full of joy and memories.
Thanks to every participating members of NTU, your effort builds a better diabolo team in the future!