Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awesome Melacca

There's a Great Wall in China and we have a great.. Portuges wall in Malacca! :P
It's the historical city of Malaysia, Melaka.
I've been here for 2 days, great point of view to be visited in Malaysia.
As a Malaysian, everyone should had been here for first in the entire lifetime.

We visited the church.

The view in front of the Red House.
So many uncles doing business out there.

The Heritage Trail.

Crowded everyday.

The tricycle!

Bazaar Street
But all of the stalls are selling almost same items.

Christ Church Melaka

Visitors are riding the tricycle.
Looks like they are going to race out the Melaka streets :)

A very old style firefighter's car

Melaka is smoke free~

 -- Cheng Ho in the Jail -- 

So goddammed crowded here, all cars are parking there and not moving at all.
Even worst that some drivers are sitting in the car, seems like leaving but didn't leave after 30 minutes.
What's him doing in the car eh?

A higher view to the city.

The newly 'Turnin Up to C da City' mechanic features

A very old building that my friends used to told me that they used mud rock to build up the whole building.
Many use it to shoot wedding photography.

Notice the background? 
Cute apartments :D

Ancient artifacts

Street performers earning hard money up there

Big walls to the sky

The painter.
He's carrying an umbrealla, and drawing with his soul and spirit.

Still best scene being conserved by the government.

A little shake makes best shot =D
*I'm being push by people accidentally

Malaysia flag glows in the cloudy sky

Luffy's in Melaka? 

The famous 1000 layers cake =)

At the Nadeje Cafe, it's one of the very recommended place for hi-tea here

Omg Nasi Lemak international

Another history, shifted away

Super long queue!
It's the Capitol Satay Celup, it's so famous and everyday people queue up for hours for it
We've queue for 1 hour for it!

A very special style of having satay
The meal of Satay Celup, we take the sticks of foods and immerse it into the great sauce of Satay.
It's like having steamboat there!

30 sticks for me! =D

Night walk in the street of Jonker Street.

Night life in Melaka doesn't seems to be as interesting as it is.
But still lots of traffics there.

We are going to cruise the Melaka river!

Guys! SET SAIL!!

Checking out from our apartment the second day

Jonker Walk

Breakfast in da morning @ the Jonker 88

Tasty Cendol

in a very classic feel restaurant

Walking all the way down the Jonker Walk

A visit to the mosque~ 

Lame inn. :O

Visit to the Cheng Ho Muzium~

List of eras in China, gonna remember all of it :P

Although it's just a 2 day trip to there, it's fun enough.
Ngm ngm hou
As to be honest, there's nothing so much fun and interesting there
No hard rocking entertainment features and no hyper stunning imaging scene 
but it's a must visit for Malaysian
We've ate the best chicken rice ball, the famous 1k layer cake and nice cendol stall
I bet it's most of the nice food there~
Nice walk in the Jonker Street, and other than that.
Nothing much there already. xP

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