Monday, December 19, 2011

End of the DAY

Yea It's the end of the day, the BIG day~!
It's the Yaping Diabolo Dance Internal Championship
and I'm one of the participants too

Great luck, I got this, the 2nd runner up of the 'High End Group' 

The big stage that we held the competition, @ Brem Mall Kepong

Hell lots of efforts put in before the competition

Preparation work for the competition, printing the certificates

Mom got my new costume done =D

And these are the co-effects of the training.

To be honest, I was so glad to be the 2nd runner up too, at least, not the last
Thinking back months before this, Ping and I went bremmall to propose to held this competition at their main stage, and we did all mostly all the background working
And glad that they had a so friendly cecilia doing publicity works, and we manage to propose well and they accepted it
Lots of effort I've placed into the competition, although it's not big, but worthy enough to do so
Just because that I believe in the same principle again, result matters hell much
no result no talk
Ahha, not so sacarstic but true thing
Notice blog post being less-en for few weeks? 'Everyday I'm practicing~'
But last minutes effort did help, not much
2nd runner up was worthy of such my last minute contribution
Even with 2 big water pops on my hand, notice 1 broken ady
And self mistakes leads to my current result.
Ever possible, I wanted to be 0 mistakes
Not to win the competition, not for the first place, not for winning others, but breakthrough for myself
I wanted another breakthrough again!
I loved the feeling so much, when breakthroughed
the zero mistakes
did not happened :(
I want it again, next time
Kent, saw your path!
3rd Internal Championship, Rockin On!

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