Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Equation of Success

The Equation of Success

Practice + Thinking = Success

After years of diaboling, what I was doing was just practice practice and practice.

What's wrong with it? Isn't just practice good enough?


Somehow, these might just be my taught, or even just my experience... :P

When we're just practicing, we're just giving training on our physical body but not our virtual memory.

Without supports from these two category, we're hardly able to succeed anything.

When we inverse the equation:

Success - Thinking = Practice

Practice = Success - Thinking

When we're just practicing, we may success, or may not...

The reason is, it lack of thinking.

We hardly able to achieve the technique of certain achievement.

Lets inverse it abit again:

Thinking = Success - Practice

Success - Practice = Thinking

Lets see, it shows that even without practice, we can success too.

But it is not...

Just trying to achieve an achievement without practice is nearly impossible.

Even thought Thinking and Practice should be done equally, but just by thinking without practicing is impossible to success.

Lastly, the final phase of inversing the equation:

- Practice - Thinking = - Success

This is shown obviously! :D

Without any practice and thinking, there won't be any success.

To success, there must be practice and thinking.

Gambateh, you can do it, Kent!

ㄨ ЌέЛŦ ㄨ

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