Sunday, May 31, 2009


Walao, today morning, wanna go tuition there for their quarterfinal.

Somehow, I think there will be alot contestant geh, but... only small cats 2-3 there.

I was feeling swt-ed.

When started, we was placed at the 5th contestant to perform.

Before start ours, we saw most of em in the starting.

Their show was just... swt

Something that's more swt is - the marks is given by observer that day. :O

That day will be around 80+ observer, and only 8 teams of competitors.

To make things worst, out of 8 teams, 5 teams are lenglui. WtF?!

Then that day, something like "Ei! That team that gal lenglui eh, vote em lorh!" surely will happen. : /

Other than that, next week go de observers mostly are form 1-2 and 3 de students, I've got none supporters lol.

How.. To.. Compete.. ?

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