Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Even tried before grilling things?

Like, grilling fishes to eat, and so on.

In my condition, I don't grill fishes.

I grilled my computer. :P

Was feeling like so fed up after heard that technician guy tells me that my processor and motherboard get burnt.

My 3 years old ++ MB and PentiumD just gone as nothing.

Probably fortunately, my data in hardisk could preserve.

Was luckily that I stores all my files in local disk D and when replacing the hardware, I only need to format my local disk C.

Currently, I was using the lausy notebook left down by my dad.

This laptop, lives even longer than my pc. (LoL)

It, has a pentium !!! + 256mb ram, damn "fast".

The glorious view of my alternative:


  1. left down by ur dad?

    left down?


  2. wao... grilled it sumor~