Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the D spirit

I'm very sure I don't have to face this, but I have the spirit here

Only in Malaysia!
Every morning, the main road to the city capital is fully 'loaded'.
The never ending traffic~
Should be mostly caused by unorganized system of public transits and overloaded cars in the city.

At the Hokkien Hall in Klang~
The students are going to have their performance at there this weekend.
The 100th year anniversary celebration of the Chung Hwa school in Klang.
Make some support to them, free your time out and attend the dinner =)

The rehearsal in process~

It's a grand performance which consist of 3 school combined to present.
It's the Chong Hwa private school, Chong Hwa vernacular school and the Chong Hwa primary school's students~ =)
Diabolo ftw ^^

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