Monday, October 31, 2011

Miracle Night

Yeap, it's miracle
And what's actually so miracle?
I don't know :P

Just come back from this event, the Miracle night in SMK Jinjang.
To support my fellowship and the Diabolo team club there.
It was a dinner night with performances held by the Diabolo club of the school.
They organized well and such dinner actually held from three years ago.
Every year they will do, and make more people to support.

Tons of picture that I'd taken here.
However most of them are in very low quality, thanks to my BB Bold.
But actually was mainly due to insufficient of lightning in the hall.
Which makes my camera can't even focus well.

The opening session, a girl and a boy emcee
Both of them are bravo
They make their way to the stage, and tried their best to fulfilled their duty as an emcee.

The side of the stage, PA systems
Most of those management people gathered here from time to time. :P

The club teachers are going to give opening speech before the event starts.

Right before everything starts, they played the clip.
A short clip that contain adequate introduction to the Diabolo club.

The first show, Diabolo performance by the Junior team A.

Followed by the Junior team B.

What's coming on next in the dance performance.
Although not danced very well, perhaps they concentrate on the ending

It was dinner session after this.
The second session of the event starts will teachers giving souvenirs to those going to graduate form5 members.
This reminds me of those graduation event. :P 

This is Putra, one of the best Malay Diabolo player in SMK Jinjang also

The "PRO" team are to perform

What the fashion show catwalk~

Follow by dancing too

That's the end of the day.
The event was short simple clean and satisfying, good job.
Everything gone smooth, no issue happens, other than the slideshow doesn't play well due to lagging.
And the ending was great!
You guys really did well in the last programme of the event, everyone was pumped up at the moment and we expect more from you guys~ =)