Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lappy Accesories

Woot, take a look that's all I get for my laptop there
Well, I was joking, you know
It's multiple item purchase for myself and my friends.
And I bought this from a trustworthy guy from Lowyat Forum (LYN)
Yes, this guy sells various quality accessories for your beloved laptop
Range from laptop skin to mouse pad.
This round, I've bought the skin, the screen protector, a mouse pad and a cooling pad.
What costs the most was the cooling pad, but the pad is really reliable
It's really cool from the bottom of the notebook, :P
Anyway, recommended seller if you ask me.
Although there's a little hustle and bustle when I got to meet up cod with him. haha 

He gave me a big post bundle

On my way back home, guess what I saw?

Wtf, the Audi R8!
Damn rich people are all around KL.
In the morning I've saw an Audi R8 Red at Kepong area, and now another white?!
Driving at the left lane, I guess he's enjoying his ride.. you know ?^^


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