Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lets go Turtle everyone

In our highly proud of telecommunication company, Tmnet, is being so 'good'.
Providing us less than enough bandwith broadband and fairly stable internet line to every streamyx users in the past few years

Things got much interesting when this statement comes out:
6% tax from TM starting from Jan 2012 as stated.
This is a great news! But obviously it is not to the rakyat(people) Malaysia here.
Since the last time, government tends to go on with the 6% tax on every telco in Malaysia.
But obviously it didn't goes on like they expected.
There are way too many peoples are declining the 6% tax as it is too inrelevant for them.
Now, well done government make new strategy again.

Might think about it is a scam or fake?
Take a look this video, which had been heated up for a few days

Interesting enough, this man made a call to the TM for the issue.
And the operator do confirmed that 6% tax will be issue to every streamyx and unifi users in the next 2 months.
This is COol, way too CoOl, in the opposite way

However, to be honest the TM is still one of the best broadband over the country
It is more stable, if compared to other wireless broadband which could be found in the outside.
But the 6% tax doesn't make the deal more interesting isn't it?
Even the Pilihan Raya is not even held yet, so fast declare tax? haha
Lets see how this will goes on. =)

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