Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You iDiot?

Are you the new apps by Apple, iDiot?
If no, enjoy the comic below. =)

Black: Oh yes, we could use the railway to break the chain!
"But one of us..."
"Must sacrifice on the railway!"

Black: I'll be the man 
White: WHAT!?
"Don't be stupid!"
Black: No! This is the only way

Black: You are my only friend in the world
"If only 1 will have to survive among us, let it be you!"
"I'm glad for you to be with me all the time"


I laughed when I saw the ending, do you?

To be honest, there's way too many obstacles in our life that blocks our path to success
But God is fair enough to give us a fair physical body and a superior intellect brain!
Let's make use of our intelligence and make our path way to the bright side.

and don't be like the idiot up there, you know..


  1. haha.. but wouldn't the speed of the train be able to.. sort of kill them too?

  2. yes, haha
    but it's just another humourous story =)

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