Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jess Lee - Suffering

李佳薇 - 煎熬

This is a cool, awesome and incredible song sang by Jess Lee.
This is not some biography of Jess Lee, nor advertise of her new album but it is
Just a small sharing of some good voice to everyone.

Before we start, let this video introduce Jess Lee for a bit

And now, this is her brand new song, 煎熬 (Suffering)

The live version

This is what a singer is, even loud and clear with superb voice even without the mic.
This song seems like a test to Jess Lee, to examinate her 'power'.
But seems like Jess Lee passed with flying colours. @@
I really really wish
wish I could listen to her voice
listen to her singing this song right in front of me
Nothing is more awesome than this I think!

The mp3 link I got for sogou.com

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