Friday, October 7, 2011


Nice sign, memorable sign, and yet you will never see this sign in live again
It's his, and he's no more
Rest in peace
Steve Jobs


Who's him, nobody doesn't know him
He's the man, who made world just right under your fingertip
He is Steve Jobs, one of the most visionary being in the world
Apart from Thomas Edison, he's probably one of the most innovative and creative person in the world

Yes, this is so true
There were 3 Apples that change man's history
Jobs founded Apple Inc, he runs it, he made histories
His passion on better living made Apple produces best ever product for the mankind
He had brought the world down to your fingertips
You can do almost anything with the Apple's smart product for instance, the iPhone.

This man, wasn't live all the way easy as I thought after I did some research through the net.
However, I'm not going to share his discography here, but you guys can read it at wikipedia too.
Some of his famous quote was impressed me too.
He live his days like that was the last day he is living.
Life is too short for us to live in other's expectation.

However, his life wasn't wonderful.
It was likely to be full of Gods jealousness towards this smart guy.
He doesn't live a beautiful in his early age.
And even when he's 40+ years old, he received a pancreatic cancer in his body.
God took him away in his age of 56.
Perhaps God wants Apple too?
A rumor picture being shared in social website

Jobs look from the past.
He loses weight tremendously after he had health issue in the year of 2004. :/

Reaction to Jobs' death by the honored

The iPhone 4S
Yes, it was a release made about 10 hours ago before Jobs Death.
What does this means?
Initially it was disappointing to many fans as it is not release as iPhone 5
However, after Jobs' death, the puzzle seems to be resolved.
iPhone 4S, iPhone For Steve
Apple is rushing to release the phone, for Steve, and called it the right way
Apple innovate in a smart way, again
Now, peoples are buying the iPhone 4S not for it incredible functions, but it's historical value
I wish to get one too, if my financial status allows me to do so. D: 

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