Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MyFM 全城欢乐行 -- Cheras

Yes, the emcees, middle is the fat ah beng

Went to the Cheras Leisure mall yesterday for it!
Narh, actually was to support one of our teammate who had participated the talent competition held by event

Before the talent competition starts, singing performances are going on

By the way, I don't know who is this big gurl :P

Another cool guy came out and sings

After he sings, the competition officially begins

This is the first participant, singing also


The second group, cool modern dance performance by them
I like their show, sharp, bombastic and rocks
But I don't think the judges thinks the same way

The next team, Imperfect (omgz I still remember their group name)
Very pity them, ah beng stepped them gao gao

Yeahhh, the next participant was our honoured Vinc Chia

Cool man~

This cute little, being a 媒婆

Wow, and this is really GENG
You know what, this girl shakes her butt and move her waist doing the Hula Hoop for almost 5 minutes
and she is only 4 years old

Break time, one of the judges perform singing

Competition continues on, this little guy so emo
Singing 下一个天亮, with full of emotions

Hear until wanna cry, and he sings until wanna cry too

Omgoz, and this, is he gay or what
dressed up like that, doing sing dance performance on the stage

In fact, he's really a MAN

Cute little girl dancers, came along from the same team of the previous groups

Huah, what an impressive opening she gave us

She's doing belly dance and she's really sexy on it
I bet she very hard for it

Before the results to be calculated, lets play some small games and win some prizes
MyFM 特工队出动~

Finally it's the moment, result out time.
The second runner up was awarded to the sexy belly dance gal

1k~ O.O

First runner up was awarded to the ChangeFace little girl

At this moment, we got nervous as some of us expects those dancers will get a place
and Vinc still had NO PLACING yet

Finally he got it~ =D

When we are screaming for Vinc before the champion is announced
I saw some indian gangs beside me screaming ‘扯铃!!’ .. W00ts!

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