Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Icy Sports - I - Like

As an iron man, I have to behave like an iron man.
lol I was jokin

Nice sporty day yesterday
Morning session to have basketball with mates 
Noon session to have ice skating with my new friends
The sunway pyramid wasn't as crowded as I think too
Maybe it's because it wasn't a public holiday for most people
But for students, all had already started holiday :P

Sunway Pyramid Ice
What a money making industry, haha
Fortunately yesterday was not counted as a public holiday, else we will be paying almost double of the normal price
It was 15 per entry, and I've only paid 13~ :P

So easy to find carpark

Not very much people in the mall as I enter

The lovely decorations in the ice skating court

Not full, really good =)
Less people in the field are actually more fun
So that you won't have to jam with all those novice
and lesser chance being crashed by them :P
And you can 'skate' in higher speed too hehe

O.o, after lunch. the field become crowded abit

Sunway is celebrating Deepavali too =)
This was taken right beside the entrance of the ice field

Before we enters, me and 2 other friends did something special enough
We applied for the membership for the Sunway Ice

3 of our application forms
By the way we sat there waited for more than half an hours before someone really serves us
They say the staffs were on lunch time leave for 1 hours and it's really hard for them to do the work
It was the woman, and I believe she is a trainer, who serve us instead
By the way she's good enough to let us in to play for a while first, before we go back out there to settle our application things =D

Actually was the session where the workers resurface the ice

After the job, some 'pro' guy went in

In the second half session, those trainers are training their 'kids' too
and they fenced up partial of the ice field for some, special training

4 hours of skating, and it was fun enough to have my legs pain :P

And finally this was the membership card
and a picture of I, taken with so much of ugliness :(
But nevermind, what's important was the benefits of the membership

Sunway Ice granted each membership with a valid period of 1 year only, for rm40.
With the rm40, each member gets 2 free tickets which they can use whenever they want within the year.
And it is better to use it during public holidays as sunway usually raise their ticket fees during peak days such as public holidays and school holiday 
(For instance, Deepavali every skaters have to pay rm25 per entrance to the field)
Secondly, they grant each member to have a free skate during their birthday month.
Anyday within the month, and that makes up 3 free skate session already.
Last, if not least, they offer each member rm2 discount every time they come skate with paying cash.
(Weekdays cost rm15, but today I paid rm13 only with rm2 discounted)

If you are asking me if this membership is worthy?
I'll be asking back to you if you love ice skating~ =)
If you do, this is really worthy membership to have.
For the lowest amount to pay is rm13 per skating session with the membership.
For the 3 free session, you already being rebated with rm39.
Just visit once more and you are to earn back your membership fees already. =D

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