Monday, October 17, 2011

Great day with MAEPS

This is the so-famous MAEPS
So called the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang
Which was located in such a 'beautiful' location where public transport couldn't reach. :(

Today, I had to head to this place, to collect a book that I've bought via the Groupon Malaysia.
By any means, I have to make it there.
So I took the KTM to the Serdang station and try my best to make my way there.

After I've reach the bus-stop right beside the KTM station, I'd asked people.
So fortunate that the guy I asked was a UPM student.
(The MAEPS was located inside the University Putra Malaysia)
And he lead me to the UPM.

We board on a UPM shuttle bus, which routes around Serdang and back to UPM every shift.
What make things more interesting is that the shuttle bus only allow UPM students with their name tag on to board on
I'm no UPM students, therefore I just sneaked up the bus
It's exciting
A very big thanks to the great guy, I managed to make myself into the UPM
without paying any transportation fees.

The first sign board I saw when I get down from the shuttle bus.
The guy pointed the road for me, and I walk my way to the hall
Firstly, I believe it is not that much distance, as I'm already inside the UPM already

At the main road

After 5 minutes walking, I've reach the first junction to turn left
I don't know how far I have to walk at this moment, because...

A long long winding road is waiting for me!! OMGZ

Slowly I walk through the road, believing I'll be reaching soon
And there's some buildings beside the road.
I don't know what building it is, but it looks like some sort of residential area of  UPM students.
Look clearer inside the picture, you'll see something interesting.

Wow, after passing through the long way, Finally I saw another sign board of the hall
I nearly thought that I've reached, but no

Another long long winding road again!!! 
Yes, I walk, walk and walk
Estimated about 30 minutes of jogging session there

Finally I saw many cars, this should be the MAEPS!

It is, I've reached!!
I felt like I've finished 10km marathon run at this moment.

It is so crowded here.

The stall that allows people to redeem their groupon coupons.
I've redeem my book here too.

Yeah~ My book

For not wasting the chance, I got into the book expo also.

Bought some books there.
Other people were buying boxes of books, while I'm only purchasing 3 books only. @@

On my way back, I've asked the security guard on how can I get away from UPM to the KTM.
The guard stupidly asked back me
"Apa macam you datang?" (How you got here?)
Meaning the superb long winding road was the only way back
and I don't want to walk the road again!!

I thought of something interesting.
I reached the junction of the road, standing by the side of the road
I put my hands out waving every time a car passed through.
Unfortunately, peoples aren't that kind lately.
20 cars passed and none stop and help me.
At last, a great guy stopped and asked me what's wrong.
I requested him to give me a ride to the end-of-that-road.
He agreed and I've successfully did my first hitchhike of my life.

Then, gonna wait for the shuttle bus again to get back to the KTM.
But very very unfortunately, the school is having events and the bus doesn't seems to drive along the main road
I was thinking about to take the teksi, and I believe it will be very expensive
The first guy in the Serdang Bus-stop told me teksi fare will be about RM10.
But luckily, this man appeared:

Yes, he's the man that helped me in this awful situation.
He come out from the dorm and taking teksi to the KTM.
I immediate take the chance and asked for a sharing of fares together, and he agreed.
Then we reached KTM safely, without any hustle and bustle, with a Rm5 each.
Huuh, then everything went on as expected, taking the KTM back home.

Here's small advises to everyone, avoid KTM as much as possible
It is suck.


  1. Thanks, it's really helpful ;)

  2. Oh my, that is quite the journey. . Thank you for sharing this