Monday, October 31, 2011

Lil Kiddos Performance

Waked up early in the morning, so early
to see these kids,haha
This was the school at Puchong, so called SJKC Ladang Harcroft.
That place is not Ladang Harcroft but this school is called so.
Odd name

Today, they are having their good day -- Kids Day celebration ceremony here.
Sees everyone is gathering down here.

The event starts, Diabolo shows :)

The crowd

Nice school and nice people there.
Diabolo is learnt by almost half of the students in the scene, it's a successful to the activity.
There will be more and more students coming in to learnt Diabolo I believe~ Diabolo FTW!

Studying in Ladang Harcroft and don't know Diabolo?
Join the practice and get know of it now~ =)
It's fun

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