Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Solaris Mont Kiara
So called Soho KL, but why they call it like this? I don't know

I was having a little free time in the noon, and I drive over to Solaris to 'walk walk'
Actually, there's a little issue with my phone and I hardly resolve it
I went to the Digi Centre and interact with the guy, Imran
He looks so professional, talks slowly and serve me nicely
But after I passed him my phone, I waited for almost 1 hour
And in the end, he couldn't fix the problem and in fact, he worsen the problem
Now my phone couldn't receive email from my hotmail D:
Damned the technician
Now I realize those technician in various digi centres were bluff
Talk until so big, so truely and so convincing
I swear never consult technician from there again

After the hustle, I'm free
Still in free time mode, and I had a walk-a-round session at the place

There's so many coffee shops there
Almost all the shops there are related to foods and drinks
They are either pubs, bistro, coffee house or franchise
When most of the shop lots were about foods and drinks, there's merely any gadget shop there 

The back view from Soho KL
It is all those highways to all around places in KL

The main street
Traffic's building up in the noon session
There's so many people coming until the main roads are jam
Peoples doing double parking all over the places
However, there's a parking placement at the basement but it cost
Rm1 for the first 3 hours, which is quite affordable actually
(Better than kena saman rm300 :P)

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