Sunday, October 9, 2011

Midvalley In da Friday

It was Friday, and I had my class off
Then I've been called off to the Midvalley to attend Dato's new book launch event.
By thinking I had nothing particular to be done, I went there by KTM.
Guys, public transit in Malaysia is still suxks, there are too many people and too less train
Everytime the train came, it will be full of people
Once the train passed, you'll have to wait for an unknown period of time before the next train arrive.
This is KTM, and it seems that RapidKL has no mean to make it better at this moment :/

The event starts at 3pm, and I've arrive earlier a bit at 230pm. 
Pretty much lucky thanks to the KTM, you know.
Was walking around the walk down before the event starts at MPH Bookstore.
At the east atrium, hope I remember it correctly.
There were automotive exhibition by the Chevrolet.
2 cars were being promoted there, the Cruize and the Captivo.
I like the Cruize more, as it is nice look, well designed interior and it's so comfort inside.
It doesn't cost much as it is around 97K ringgit malaysia.
It was about the budget of a Honda City, although it is a little more expensive
The overall outlook and interior function of Cruize may be better than a City

There's still time before the event starts.
Alone I went to the service counter and applied for the MPH Reader's Circle card. XD
I believe that I will start buying books from MPH.
This card was Great!
A fee of Rm20 was paid for the card for 2 years period. (Rm10 per year)
This is much affordable than the Popular card as Rm12 per annual.
However, the MPH card doesn't provide 10% discounts on items purchased like the Popular card do.
The MPH rewards in a different way.
It allows card holders to receive rebates over 6 months cycle base on your purchasing within the 6 months.
5% rebate was given when card holders purchase over Rm300 and below Rm 999.99
10% rebate will be given when card holders purchase over Rm 1000
That means, buy more rebate more

Soon, the event started.
She was the emcee of the event, but I don't know who is she

Then, Mr Pathman is giving his opening to the event
He's such a humble and humorous man

Yes! Dato's on the stage.
The man with orange colour shirt was Dato Vijay Eswaran
The founder of the QI Group.
Now he officially launch his new book.

The first book he signs.

Dato's giving speech.
Reviewing on what is inside the book.

A small session of Dato read parts of the book to everyone.

And I've bought the book.
It was the On the Wings of Thought.
It cost me a bomb.
Rm40+, but it is worthy.
Later time when I've finish read the book, I will share about the book here. 
Stay tune. ^^

The first 50 purchase of the book will get Dato's personal signature on the front page of the book
I purchased on-spot. =)

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