Sunday, October 30, 2011

Broadband for life

I was a loyalty streamyx user, all hail fixed line broadband~!
That's due to, in my oppinion, the communication system is provided by the government
Therefore, the connection system provided by the government will be a good one, if not the best.
That's what binds me to streamyx, the tmnet all time supporter :P

Recent I'm really beh taaah haaan to the 512Kbps package already
My house signed streamyx five years ago, upgraded days ago by me =D
At the beginning, we signed the rm66 per month package, providing 512Kbps download and no quota connection to the internet
Remmeber back that time, it was a bravo~ I can online, as much as I can
The speed was streaming, and the impossible is made possible.
Loading pages were as fast as the internet is within my palm.

Time goes on and on and on~ Till the superb technology era nowadays, provided the year 2011
Connection before becomes lausy, and more expensive packages are released to create a 'better' streaming to their customers
My rm66 current was no doutb to be the worst ever package.
The best streamyx(no quota) package would be 4Mbps which cost as much as Rm140 abide the BB deal that is currently running.
512Kbps and 4Mbps?
it was 8TIMES faster~!

I've made up my mind, and make my decision to upgrade to 4Mbps~
Just tested my speed, it is reliable and truthy 4Mbps =)
No more suffering with loading in movies, youtubes, or even music streaming
Everything is smooth and tasty~ =)
Want to make your streaming better quality?
Contact me, I'll introduce you to a better trustworthy reseller :)

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