Friday, October 21, 2011

BM for the next generation! huh?

" Learn BM before you loss you to the public! "
" Huh? "
" Even small kids suffers learning BM "

In past few days, the government announce some infamous news to the public
Telling everyone that they are going to modify the current education system.
Not modify to the better way, but change the system language from English to Melayu, for Science and Maths subjects.
I felt disappointed for that instant.

Try and think about it, even the world had admitted English
Everyone else is building up their English, while the official education system is doing the other way round.
English had been widely use, and through-out all over the world.
It is the global trend to speak English.
rather than Malay.

However, Malay is quite as crucial as English in United States.
It is the official language in Malaysia
One of a must learn and know language in Malaysia, only
For what? You can't even communicate with the policeman well if you don't use Malay.
In short, Malay is a must learn language in Malaysia, for basic daily communication use.

Think deeper.
The government is changing the primary language of Scn and Math subjects from English to Malay
Does this benefits the coming generations?
This modification will applies to the primary school graduates that are going to continue their studies in the secondary school.
Meaning those who are Peralihan or Form1 will have to study in Scn&Math in Malay.
God bless many of they studied both of the subjects in English in primary school and now Malay in secondary school., later back to English in their tertiary studies.
How sarcastic

And for your additional information, the Form 4 students had to suffer from this also
After studying 3 years in secondary school in English for Scn&Math, they had to switch to Malay when studying for their SPM.
How ridiculous that they switch brutally to BM for the SPM for 2 years, and switch hardly back to English after they graduate and pursue for their future tertiary study.
This is a joke, I hope so.

So sorry for the younger generation, you guys are having much more to study
I mean, language.

People, sees the proof now!
Are you going to let your later generation to trapped in such unlogical ordinant?
Make change!
The current government needs it
Make your younger generation a better life, and please make your right decision in the next election

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