Thursday, October 27, 2011

Save for the world, Pray for Bangkok

Ever taught of hovering your plane on the water surface?
Don Muang Airport are now immersed with water from the flooding situation in Bangkok Thailand.

Bangkok is now flooding, anyone knows about it?
Even the situation is critical now, 
it doesn't seems that the thai government is able to cope with the situation solely.
Many had already evacuated from the area and now Bangkok is in tremble situation. Everything is messed up.

Trashes are all over the street, floating...
Peoples there can do nothing but just to wait for rescue
Nothing much left in the city, but only terrible state of terror and spoilt industry all over
Bless Thailand.

Doesn't this scene looks familiar?
Maybe not but yes it is familiar to me, to this movie
The streets were all jammed, all the vehicles are stucked on the bridge.
I believe those were just small portion of vehicles in the city, while mosat of it already being wiped out or flushed away to everywhere else.
Even worse is that peoples who suffers, government suffers, the whole nation suffers.

Such natural phenomenon is unavoidable as we knew
But, is it really unavoidable?
Think about it, there's too many signs given by the earth already.
Climate change and disaster counts are increasing over the globe.
Maybe or not, 2012 by the Mayans are not bluffing? eh
Reminds back Tsunami in Sumatera, earthquakes in Chile, earthquakes in Japan and etc.
It's too fast, we people just couldn't catch up with it!
2012 is coming and the human civilization will be exterminate right in the moment, slowly.
Or make a choice now, save the earth, and save the humanity.
Just stop all your fxking attitude in destroying the nature, stop plastic bags, stop littering, stop lumbering. stop polluting, stop wasting!

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