Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prima Radio Business Club

Trying my luck, I'm participating the seminar that happens this year at the Hilton KL Hotel

In very good sense of route, I manage to make myself to the hotel there.
And taking the lift up to Lobby.

Wow, great hotel with loads of managers ceos and bla bla bla executives here

My session starts at 2pm. Went up to the Sentral Ball Room when it's almost time.
And the scene was glorious.
Those were all serious business happening all over.
This is a great experience to me, to seen such an environment for the first time.

A VIP Delegate card was given to us.

One of my favorite radio channel, OneFm.
It's also because of OneFm, I've heard about this seminar and head here.
It was no joke, you won't feel regret when you participate.
And it is free!

Free walk-in to the seminar, and they also free you a bag of things too.
Provided an 2012 dairy book and a pen given by them to every participants.

Inside the seminar, they(Prima Radio) actually advertise themselves in an unique way.
Their business was to help people to advertise their businesses via radio channel to the community.
At first, they launch a starting, followed by a 15-20 minutes video clip telling us how powerful of radio advertising is, and how it makes miracle in the future. Mostly advantages of joining their business.
And then, at the second half session of the clip, they introduce their advertising packages to us.
Which was actually towards decision makers of a company.

Moreover, they are really smart enough to assign an account manager of their company accompanied us right when we had sat down on our seat.
The purpose of the accountant was to introduce and showing brochures of their packages as well as doing explanation to us after the video finishes playing.

To be honest, they offer great packages current for whoever participating the seminar.
Business owners in any level are recommended to participate this seminar and take a look to their advertising packages!
Once again I'm telling you guys, you will not regret for going to this seminar, even though it is free entrance.

The seminar will goes on by sessions everyday until this Friday (21/10/2011).
Get your booking at RadioRSVP and get a chance to win a Nissan Teana 2.0 Luxury back to your company!

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