Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple - iPhone 4S

"It's the most amazing iPhone yet."

Woot, yeah, it's probably the most amazing phone, receiving tremendous reputation from time to time
This is from one of the most successful company Apple Inc, and by its incredible ex-CEO Steve Jobs.
His great works brought the company from dead to live again and again, he made histories!
But today we aren't featuring him but one of Apple's latest product -- iPhone 4S!

Take a look, the iPhone 4S.
To be honest, it shares the totally same design with the previous model, iPhone 4
From their Intro video of the phone (embedded at bottom), we were told that the previous was a genius design and they intend to make good use of this design
Meaning they are not going to make a new shape soon. 
This also make sense when they call this the iPhone 4S but not the iPhone 5 which everyone anticipating.
I anticipated iPhone 5 to be release to, but quite disappointing when I saw the news.

And yet, I wonder what do the 'S' stands for?
Apple didn't tell specifically what does the S they added to the phone's name stands for.
This makes me curious and think about something fit.
S for the new Siri function? (which will be discuss at below)
S for stupid? Haha LOL
However, although they didn't make new designs of the phone, major hardware enhancement were did.

This awesome Dual-core A5 chip.
They added this little monster into the device, replacing the single core A4 chip which was use in previous iPhone 4 model.
This makes the iPhone 4S twice as fast as the previous model as it runs dual core which means 2 core rather than 1 core. It gave better graphic enhancement as well as more optimized battery life.
However, this is no new processor to us.
It is the same processor as used in the iPad 2 which released much earlier this year.
They just upgraded their phone to the current latest processor only.
*Make sure they made another better chip for the following iPhone 5 model, preferable A6. Hehe 

Yet, this is the camera.
The camera is still in the old position of the phone, as the same design from iPhone 3 till now.
But they said this was no ordinary camera.
It is 8 Megapixel!!
(It is actually not that excited, really..)
And they said they created new optic for the camera, while the explanation will go complication if we discuss that here. Basically, they are using better technology for the camera to take better quality images.
To be honest, Apple's upgrade on this section is not really attractive as these feature had already been implied by other phone manufacture.
For instance, the Samsung Galaxy SII is providing such feature since few months ago. 

What's this? Full HD video shooting?
This is nice, really nice... If this feature was implemented during iPhone 4's release.
It is not a new technology anymore, smart phones to date are using this hardware feature.
For instance, the Samsung Galaxy SII, again. 

The Retina display feature.
Apple preserved the retina display feature since last iPhone 4
It's good to hear we still enjoy sharp display from the phone.
But this also means Apple didn't upgrade their technology on display and using the same thing again.
Well, is this technology the best display feature already?
Or they leave the better one to the later iPhone 5?

iOS 5 is coming!!
The new iOS is clearly another impact to the operating system.
There are tons of application ready-on for user to manipulate with innovation and creativity.
We will discuss some of the most stunning new apps coming from the iOS here.

The Siri.
This really is a cool awesome spectacular apps from Apple.
Why am I praising it so hardly?
Because it deserves it.
This is the apps of the future technology. Remember back the time when we watch some scientific movie, we saw the main character speaks to the computer and the system will do as what commanded, anything.
That is the current Siri!
As told in the Intro video, nowadays most devices out there will be able to recognize words and letters out simply from the speaking of users.
However, we want the device to clearly understand what do the command actually means is what does matter.
This is just like an fully upgraded version of the previous voice command feature.
But the apps was still fresh and new, no one knows if there's funny bugs with it. :P

The iCloud.
This is cool too, as it act as another storage specifically for the iPhone user.
Users are able to synchronize data over the air to every apple device of the user instantly.
This reminds me of the Dropbox software which I was using frequently in my Windows PC and netbook.
The iCloud simply works the same way as Dropbox.
Simple, convenient, and fast ! =)

The iMessage.
Newly implemented messaging system by the Apple for users to text with other iPhone/iPad/iPod users via the messenger. 
This looks just alike to the famous BBM feature with every blackberry devices.
Not very new feature, but Apply adapted it, finally.

In a nutshell, let's conclude this review with my own opinion on the phone.
I believe, many apple enthusiasts were quite disappointing for this release.
I wonder if this is one of Apple's marketing strategy to boost market's demand on the anticipated iPhone 5?
I don't know, as I don't study marketing. :P
In my own thought, I believe it is not very worthy to buy this model unless you are a nerd and collects every Apple product throughout the history.
What made me more interested are the newly iOS 5 released and its new apps there.
And the iOS is able to be upgraded in older Apple devices too, there's no need to get a new device for it.
This release reminds me to the scenery in Malaysia -- Perodua releasing Myvi Extreme 1.5 with several upgrades and enhancements when the previous Myvi SE is doing pretty well already.

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