Saturday, October 8, 2011


Open your eyes BiG BiG
and Stare on the middle dot

Moments later, you will find that the blue ring will disappear eventually out to nowhere
This is one of the famous optical illusion out there
But there's actually a deep meaning in it

People should focus on what they are doing so that they can make something out
Waren Buffet personal shared before that he focus on what he is doing all along the way
And this had made him one of the most incredible investor in the world
(Before he earned much, he don't know how to use a computer either)

Why focus?
The red dot do represent what you are doing right now, and the blue ring represent your obstacles
As you experienced, when you focus hardly on what you are doing
Obstacles all around will disappear by itself
This is just same as what is happening all over us
People who don't focus on one thing they are doing, they just don't make their future

Focus on what you are doing, ignore obstacles that are obstructing;
Dream may be achieve, but when you are not hesitating !

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